Clear Mind: Antinomy Unlock Event [June 2021]

two boring event in raw!!! farm legandary duelist?!!!! hell yeah, no one plays those event bcs the reward are trash, game is very repeatitive, we need good reward, new event. -i guess those things are impossible to have, all they care is money.
Dream on, they will not give you free Book of Moon. No need to worry, you will not be boring after they announce the new banlist this weekend.
<< Anonymous
the problem is two roaming in raw was too much, farming legandary duelist that we already did it the last time is so boring,
-good reward doesnt mean BOM, but good skills, card ....
- new banlist will be implemanted in 10/07/21, so nothing will change until the next season.
<< Anonymous
Nothing will change? Then just go ahead and spend all your gems buying Resonator/Harpie pack.
<< Anonymous
Whatever, you still play daily why should they give you something new if you are okay with literal sh it?
<< Anonymous
I'm not that anon, but I'm not playing daily lul


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not the case any more bro its set your omni negate and win
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