Ultimate Tyranno | Deck and Rulings

They have come back never to be extinct again omg ,, I guess blue eyes is going to have a nice competition in the power creep department
no one beat blue-eyes, not even dinos
<< Anonymous
iw. "no one beat blue-eyes" Blue-eyes has a hard time with my Yubel deck and even my Alien deck. Lol
<< Anonymous
Mystic Quest
BEWD is no challenge for me!
<< Anonymous
Drunk Russian YougiO
"No one Beats Blue eyes" bro they can't even beat my Ultimate ancient Gear Golem 2 turn otk
<< Anonymous(Drunk Russian YougiO)
it was written LONG ago dude.
By the way, if Blue-Eyes starts with a good hand playing this deck, not even your turn 1 UAGG would survive. Offerings to the doomed is MVP
<< Anonymous
Ay your deck looks cool can you post it clearer it’s hella blurry. I’m tryna find a good BEWD deck. Thanks


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Why is there no 50 gem mission reward for progressing Yami Bakura to level 10? All others have it.
I disagree. Kiteroid likely wouldn't see much play in the TCG.
I agree completely like armed dragon level 5 it doesn't have once per turn clause or only ab...
I don’t mind kids rage quitting a match, but it’s really sad that Konami can’t ...
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