Ultimate Tyranno | Deck and Rulings

They have come back never to be extinct again omg ,, I guess blue eyes is going to have a nice competition in the power creep department
no one beat blue-eyes, not even dinos
<< Anonymous
iw. "no one beat blue-eyes" Blue-eyes has a hard time with my Yubel deck and even my Alien deck. Lol
<< Anonymous
Mystic Quest
BEWD is no challenge for me!
<< Anonymous
Drunk Russian YougiO
"No one Beats Blue eyes" bro they can't even beat my Ultimate ancient Gear Golem 2 turn otk
<< Anonymous(Drunk Russian YougiO)
it was written LONG ago dude.
By the way, if Blue-Eyes starts with a good hand playing this deck, not even your turn 1 UAGG would survive. Offerings to the doomed is MVP
<< Anonymous
Ay your deck looks cool can you post it clearer it’s hella blurry. I’m tryna find a good BEWD deck. Thanks


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Lol there are TONS of arbitrary cards with no particular archetype that either require you to use...
Yeah but the rewards are disappointing. Why Konami won't give him cubic card as drop?
They been had Z-one if Duel Links. Search it up on Card Catalog.
what are you saying, madame verre is your best solution..just by discarding 1 spell card make hea...
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