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Why this card is currently immuned to traps?
Your opponent used Rose Lover. Pay attention.
description doesnt say it was immune to trap. but it actually is. forwarded to konami to fix prolly a bug.
<< Anonymous
it is not about the description. rose lover made special summoned monster by her immune to trap
<< Anonymous
Rose Lover's description does say it makes the summoned monster immune to Traps.

Don't worry, you're not the first person too dumb to read Rose Lover's text. I think you're only the 3291031489th person
<< Anonymous
idiot he/she used rose lover


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i bet this card on next main box i promise
finally my favorite waifu card is here, going to spend this box because of her
This card without Safe Zone is like giving us the four limbs of Exodia without the head.
Such a crying shame the main combo this card is actually good with is missing the single most imp...
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