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Ooh 2500 ATK real scary!!!
ahh i see you only rely on atk/def thats why you stay om lower ranked lol
^prideful son?
<< Anonymous
^... this cards value comes countering certain deck types like fiends, ninjas, massivemorph amazons, toon world, red eyes zombie and more... not being able to banish for those decktypes means instant loss. But you obviously let your pride get in the way of learning anything worth while about this game.
<< Anonymous
^^... it also counters beast rising & Cerbs special summon effect in hazy flame, mar / hym of light Cyber Angels + since its a ritual deck its almost all special summons, Evil Dragon Anata no banishing = final boss of deck is 0-0,endless trap hell stall decks ex: DD warrior/Dimension Gate. So at the moment this card does well against Tier 1 red eyes, Tier 2 Cyber Angels, Tier 2 Hazy Flame,
<< Anonymous
^ Tier 3 Amazon Burn, Tier 3 Dragon Anata Burn, Tier 3 Endless Trap Hell, Tier 3 Ninjas, Tier 3 Toon World and other less played but also good KOG decks like Fiends, Dark Worlds (Necrofear Version), Psychic Decks, Gia Plate Decks (most magnet decks that run this, Gandora Decks, Aromage Decks, Aliens (Gets rid of "A" Cell Recomposition Device Search effect=ez bricks)


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Girag 1
Is he the guy with the hands?
give flip turner
banish it
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