Zombie Spirit: deck recipe

How do u reach KoG with this deck ? It's too weak against the back row which most of meta decks rely on, I lost multiple times due to just 1 wod
ebola lover
the answer is the people who post this in kog are lying OK?
idk guy
cuz sergant and storm
i play the otk version of it with AMA works pretty well just econ take chain AMA go for game
It's because this deck is outdated, people use slightly different cards like samurai skull.
<< Anonymous
Because you should be playing it smart. During your battle phase, if they still have backrow, keep spirit unused until they spend their resources stopping another attack. Too often people blow their load and just lose to a WoD. With this deck you can outmanoeuvre them with your timing.
<< Anonymous
Very true, finished KC cup with REZD easily.



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Ties of the brethren works, but you can't fusion summon Ojama King right after you used it.
YGOwiki This card's design may be inspired by a real man named Filomeno Patacsil, a Hawai...
None. It's just a random card game original monster from the very early days of the franchis...
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