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I used D-Cube to send Dogma or Plasma to the graveyard. Then i got Destiny HERO - Fear Monger destroyed in battle. Net turn : i CAN NOT summob Dogma or Plasma. I think it can revive only monster from the graveyard that were previously summoned correctly.
<< Anonymous
Did you even read the card's text?
Dogma and Plasma can only be special summoned by tributing 3 monsters, and can't be summoned by other ways.
Day 401, still learning to read card text
<< Anonymous
Day 404, card text not found.
His last part is correct, this card can revive a Semi-Nomi D-Hero provided it has been summoned properly.

The thing is, not only there's no Semi-Nomi D-Hero monster, but also, both Dogma and Plasma are Nomi.
<< Anonymous
There is a semi-nomi Destiny HERO, actually. Dangerous. (Regular Fusions, Synchros and Ritual Monsters are also "semi-nomi".) Fear Monster can revive a Fusion Summoned Dangerous just fine. (Just not one that was Summoned improperly or had its Flip Summon negated.)


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You are fired!
10/2/22 duel links isnt letting me xyz summon vylon disigma with three lvl 4 monsters. they were ...
You're seriously underestimating it, lol
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