KaibaCorp Bling (Skill)

Wait can't you just fill your deck with non-glossy/prismatic cards then put in the foil variants for important cards or comeback cards (mask change, diamond core, etc)?
wow you are so smart!
Yep , you can
Wow you didnt know koaki meiru won the last kaiba cup???
Anoymous're way too late with that idea, that's how Koa'ki Meiru won the previous Kaiba Cup. The user apparently run 3 prismatic Diamond Core lol
<< Anonymous
imagine just how rich the guy is, considering Diamond Core is a main box SR and getting a prismatic one requires a lot of luck.....


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correct me if I'm wrong, but it may be possible to cause your opponent's Quitet to miss...
Still waiting for such useful and cool red-eyes skills like blue-eyes have
It's not too bad. I play a BEWD Lightsworn Deck. BE Spirit Dragon, Michael and Dragon, Spiri...
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