Superb Tea Event [Jul 17 - Jul 23]

I decided to log in when I heard about Superb Tea. Did anyone get their apology gems from KONAMI yet? :)
there is no apology, that pic is for new players, btw why does konami need to apologize,they think they did nothing wrong
<< Anonymous
well, excuse me sir
<< Anonymous
Because the KC Cup overlapped with the following Ranked Duels season meaning that players couldn't get cumulative victory rewards. So we missed out on a month of gems and card tickets.
<< Anonymous(Raijin)
thats not entirely true, it was stated in the bug fixes that anything u had earned would be sent at a later date, sometime at the end of june. as a result if u had done all ur matches for the kccup (the 120 wins) youd get all of the pvp prizes in june even if you didnt duel.
I didn't all my login reward is trashs with all of the tickets is n
Nice Fake
Isto é dado a novos players criei uma nova conta ontem e apareceu isto também


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