Duel Quest Event [Oct 2020]

Is the second dark magic curtain useful for DM decks? Or is navigation still the best way to summon DM?
Maybe for a F2P budget version. Navigation is definitely still the best option, though, with no LP cost, extra summon, consistent setup and the negation effect in the Graveyard. The only big upside for this Spell is being able to use it on your turn without worrying about Cosmic Cyclone.

The loss of LP can put DM deck in danger against some deck that can OTK consistently. Besides, you need your normal summon if you have Magician's Rod in hand.
<< Anonymous
How do we obtain Dark Magic curtain from this event?
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
I would also like to know ^
<< Anonymous
You cant. It was a reward in previous event. Kowever, is a level op reward and can be also obtained by ranked duel tickets.


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Counter Black Rose Dragon, Superheavy Samurai ogre shutendoji, Fortune Fairy monsters, Gladiator ...
He shall get Madolche support and skills. -Thank you for playing Duel Links.
with less than that you get yoursef a shiranui deck with ghost meets girl
use gladiator beasts because negative deck revolves around special summons
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