Bastion Misawa

His bio says something about a different ace monster I never watched gx so any idea what it could be?
he has more than 1 deck so that's probably all it meant. he only really used water dragon + electromagnetic warriors but those are anime-only cards. op shows him with a 'fire dragon' counterpart to water dragon but it was never shown once in that anime
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misawa chii
so much missed potential...
Is white magician pikeru
It’s most likely Litmus Doom Swordsman. And it was recently revealed for the tcg, so it will probably be added to duel links at some point. Maybe for a Super Bastion event.
His boss monster probably varies depending on which deck he uses. Water Dragon's his most prominent, since most of his decks (aside from his EARTH one) borrow heavily from the WATER deck. But Conduction Warrior Linear Magnum ± is clearly the boss of his EARTH deck. His boss in the manga is Red Ogre.
The tidbit in his bio actually refers to White Magician Pikeru. He mentioned this in-duel when he attacks with Pikeru.
His other ace is his card crush



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