Master of Destiny (Skill)

They really need to nerf this skill like they did with Masked Tribute. Too many people abusing this skill in Despacito decks.
You mean too many people beat you with this skill, right?
It really should require to have some Arcana Force monsters in the deck though
@first comment, nope, not really the case of being beaten too many times with it. Sanctified Darklord quickly snuffs out Despacito’s effect. I just think it’s a really cheap way to win is all.
I don’t have a problem with the skill itself, like when people were abusing MT with Subterrors people are using MoD in a way that wasn’t intended. Like you say, it should require a certain amount of Arcana Force cards in your deck for it to activate.
say no more


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Any news about the banlist?
Taking forever to have his unlock event
I don't think it's had any relevant showing since BUT Megalith got first place Stage 2 ...
Update: Okay so Mai does have a line with Ra, but Marik doesn't tell her she can't read...
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