Switcheroo (Skill)

Sb said he never gotten the same card back with this.I used it in an event against an npc and got back my neos fusion which i only have one.i never use this skills in pvp as its unfair.
still wouldnt use it against a npc if i had other skill.
*they use it for the lp cost not mainly for the destroy or remove card effect
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UPDATE to anonimuous(lol): i tested this s hit cos i was curious why they use it and if i use it what happens what i meant on i would never use it i would never use it competetively.(only for testing which is not competetively using even iin ranked and i couldnt use it with lp redustion too(never got the card )this skill is garbage witout the lp can thank me for experiencing it out.
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total experience.autonomous action unit is a trash card only cosmic would worth it or any which reduces by 1000 in one or two turns.i will never use cosmic.i was just curious about the action unit and switcheroo combo .no intention of abusing as i had no other cards other than that which reduce lp.
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competively=using it to rank up.(knowing the broken combo ofc)
I couldnt test in casuals cos its not showing anything plus no deck is played most of the time which would show us how effective it is against(1900 atk beatstick deck) doesnt count.I was legend 1 so i could test it easily.
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it doesnt show 🔥 if you beat a generic beatstick need a normal deck which have archetypes etc like heros etc.


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how to unlock the skill? I have to summon 1 level/rank 7 Dragon 3 times or what?
when varis comes, we will have a good generic link 3 at last
Why can they activate the trap in the same turn?
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