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Player J
I think 7/10 a decent rating. Thunder Nyan Nyan is a Hunder Family support card. The Hunder's spam the board with light monsters to help minimize Nyan Nyan destruction effect. In addition, Brohunder will search this 1,900 beater. It isn't bad for people who like the Hunders. The Hunders struggle because they all have low attack. They really needed something like this to help them. They finally have a normal summoning monster which is stronger than what my other decks will run. It gives them a chance.
Yeahhhhh this is for Hunder familyyyyyyyyyy. the fam finally has a beater xD
GameA ranks Mirage Knight as a 7/10, so this would be like a 42/10 lol
Need 3 copies of michizure beecause of super weak brohunder
Well lookie here a comment from player that doesn't involve him being arrogant for once,I guess miracles do happen in fact you almost sound intelligent in this post
<< Anonymous(sjp91)
sjp91 I think player j was originally a normal dude and someone who couldn't win an argument with him was 🔥 so he tried to use his name to piss ppl off so idk this is really confusing


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Goodwin appear on phase 12
at any point of this card deserved a limit 2
So they nerf magicians rod? Will they add this card for protection?
Should be added card exclusive to a skill imo. Maybe add it to master of magicians. With all do r...
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