PvP Best decks [12 Apr Updated]

5 AG in a row.Lets make pvp better:stop playing with AG!
And all probably playing Middle Age Mechs version which is not even the best one
This is the reason why it depends on the player rather than the deck. AG is on tier list but still somehow gets destroyed easily. Maybe because the AG players didn't master the deck yet and you managed to counter them. Is that still "P2W" to you haters?
<< Anonymous(Chulo)
Yeah, I have more success with Balance + actually using backrows, than a version that's overly focused on Special Summoning Reactor Dragon.

Heck Reactor Dragon is actually better Tribute Summoned than Special Summoned, since it gains Piercing if you tributed an AG monster to summon it. Hydra is the one you'll want to Special Summon.
<< Anonymous
And I should add, with Geartown you can Tribute Summon Reactor Dragon using just 1 Tribute, and then after damage step and its effect activates, destroy Geartown, summon Hydra, then attack again with Hydra.



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Oh, I see. By the time I unlocked lv40, it was already fixed, so I didn't get it.
A deck design that's meant for "fun" in a children's card game!? How obscene!...
I used Bonz just to level-up him to get some gems
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