Elements Unite! (Skill)

This is beyond broken for PVP, restrict this!
u must be noob player
What's so broken about this?
I can clear the field easily with terror incarnate what about it?
<< Anonymous
There wasn't any cards with destruction effect the time Para bros released. Only econ take, riryoku and burn can counter this skill.
<< Anonymous(vet)
It was never a good skill. Enemy Controller, Riryoku, Order to Charge, Mask of the Accursed, Mirror Wall and Soul Exchange all existed and were pretty common when we first got Para and Dox.
Helpful Troll
Lava Golem for the 1st turn kill. You can also use Obnoxious Celtic Guard. This skill is not meant for PVP. It's for PVE


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Why is this creep in Duel Links? He appeared in the beginning of DSOD movie just to bully Aigami,...
I think also the person with the whale earthbound immortal should be on duel links aswell
It was a new post that I started myself and not tacked onto another comment. Idk if they just hav...
I use e-con take this and banish itself. Can't believe it worked.
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