Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's Duel Links [From Sep 25!]

love the way Akiza's 🔥 jiggle when she summon Black Rose dragon n
Wonder if they're going to up the GX girls with the next lot. ;)
<< Anonymous
Aster lover
After Tyranno and Sartorius, there are currently only 3 GX characters that have been datamined in the files: Atticus, Jaden/Yubel (which I suppose is the season 4 version of Jaden), and apparently, another Zane.
<< Anonymous
GX is extremely lacking in the girls department, there's literally only one other relevant girl in the series: Blair Flannigan, whose "Mystic" cards are not only incomplete, but also not printed in real life.
<< Anonymous
Honestly I'm still hoping NAS and Konami will reveal and print all her "Mystic" cards so that Blair can be added into DL.
<< Anonymous
Clutching at straws. But they could add The Dark Magician Girl duel spirit from episode 42. Given how incredibly popular she is.

Imagine the 'awkward' interactions with Syrus. >.>
<< Anonymous
Do the NPC exclusive characters count?

I'm assuming 5D's will get their own counterparts.


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