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You know with Yubel, a duel spirit, as an unlockable character this opens some interesting avenues not just in GX. Dark Magician Girl is instrumental in not just GX but DM for the last arc of the series. She would make a great unlockable character.
And his BGM is actually one of the best in the game.
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lol I personally like Kaiba's Atem's and Alexis' BGM a lot more than Yubel's but thats just me
Yubel's event BGM is much better than her duel BGM.
I'd like to see DMG in GX world as unlockable character.
Maybe we'll get Tour Guide's Duel Spirit variation as playable character in the future?

Since the one we already have is confirmed to be an NPC during Syrus' event.


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This horse is annoying everytime I farm Blair/Rei. She easily summon 2900+ ATK with piercing and ...
Please tell us which normal spells are being used in the current meta.
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