Harpie: Deck Recipe

Evil Rick
lol So... I guess every deck is viable so long as you put multiple Paleozoic Canadia and Mirror Walls on it, uh? I mean, it's not like your opponent could take advantage of your Hunting Grounds and get you to distroy your own set traps, right? PD: Double checked this, only to make sure little snow-flakes don't get triggered over typing errors.
Harpie is ez to deal with, just never set a s/t and ur opponents will never summon a monster unless they want to destroy their own s/t, ez
<< Anonymous
Or they just sack HHG in that event, use their own traps/spells to mess with your board, swarm board, and win.
^ distroy

Are you baiting or what?
Really? What happen if their enemies summon azure eyes in def position or any monster with high stat? None of them can get over 3k atk, none of them having effect that destroy monster, trap is only their hope
<< Anonymous
Special Snowflake
That's why you tech in Blast with Chain, Big Bang Shot, or Wild Tornado.
<< Anonymous
That's why econ exist and that's also why it's broken
Did you see how gunsblazing won many games with harpiers only because he had Econ in hand or field
You forgot Wall of Disruption.
<< Anonymous
ECon will is there to ensure OTKs against big monsters.



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