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One of my favorite cards. I remember when I first started playing yugioh everyone was packing two to three of these along with three trap holes. I miss those days.
ahh the days when full board control can swing the other way around by only 1 card, raigeki! harpie's feather duster! mirror force! change of heart! monster reborn! lol
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haha.. along with pot of greed, dark hole, call of the haunted, morphing jar, cyber jar etc. Those insane cards..
Ahh I remember the good old days when Yugioh first came out and I was just a kid playing the TCG.

I had Trap Hole, Monster Reborn, Dark Hole, Change of Heart etc.


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The draw a card is good
Thanks you, I was wondering already if you would take the damage or not.
In the end it all comes down to credit card then.
I will make a list telling your guys why Komoney is a criminal group, mercenacy, greed and sh1t c...
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