Monstermorph: Evolution (Skill)

Anonymous Fun deck using Monstermorph Evolution!
stop spam your youtube channel no one want to watch ur video so you can get money!!
<< Anonymous
Pizza Dog
Hey! Don't say that!
I only looked these comments to see what kind of decks you can make with this skill, and this was the only comment that actually helped me!
Do you seriously think that a youtuber with 29 subscribers is advertising to get money?
What do you even think you'll get out of bullying someone with such a small youtube channel?
<< Anonymous(Pizza Dog)
Pizza Dog Fan
I now have 44 subs after a year growing my youtube channel. I don't get any money from it. Because I need 1000 sub ever since the new Youtube policy.

Anyway here is another video.

Fun deck Fairy otk. Using Mokuba skill.
<< Anonymous(Pizza Dog Fan)
No one cares
<< Anonymous(Pizza Dog Fan)
Rated R
Just because the dude above said no one cares. Now I actually care lol


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It’s listed on Vampire Vamps text
The synchro deskbots were waiting for
Would it not be hard to do the tribe summon mission?
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