Elements Unite! (Skill)

This skill is garbage. It could be used to farm successfully, but don't expect to do well in PVP.
I played few pvp, with this skill. I climbed from silver 1 to silver 3.
It's useful enough in PVP to grind out the lower silver ranks. Once you get to Gold, those decks just naturally have a way of dealing with it, but it can run over the people in Silver.
Just because it's bad for pvp doesn't mean it's garbage.

Haha that is true. I can use Odion and put Attack and receive and Enchanted Javelin blowing up more than 500 LP using Odion's skill.
<< Anonymous
lol amazing ...
Helpful Troll
Calling the skill garbage and added "It could be used to farm successfully". The sudden change of heart is real


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Can be summoned from the graveyard by monster reporn
Yugioh duel links tea dm ritual. Master
Yes. Very much so.
It usually happens to me too when I activate "trap hole of spikes"
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