How to beat/farm Mai Valentine Lvl 40

Can ANYONE make a guide without secret pass? I'm hating seeing ALL the guides on the internet needing it, I started when ultimate rising was ending, can anyone help?
If you don't have secret pass, you can use some piercing damage like Fairy Meteor Crush and Big Bang Shot. The closest one to Secret Pass is Shooting Star Bow Ceal, but it reduces your attack to 1000. You need to have at least 11000 atk power for this card to work.
*Ceal reduces 1000 atk power. Sorry, my mistake.
i never tried farming may, but for others i use bewd with burst stream of destruction to clear the field(kaiba level up reward), or if you use magicians united to get vessel to 3k you can use cross attack to attack directly.
use monster with effect atk like jinzo#7, ooguchi, etc
I use blue eyes burst blast card to wipe their field / big bang shot
i use this combo, set one gandora when you got 1 card on top of your deck. Pro: you can destroy any thing that may break your combo, it annihilates traps, insta spells etc. your assestment will be more than 9000, because you may eternal activates gandora effect, cause Northwenko cant be destroyed if you targeted gandora when ritual summon her. Con: destroy 7 cards on the field.
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...cont... and you dont need 2 Gandora, but need one high to ritual Northwenko.



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Ra isn't even available until today at 23:00.
guys semi budget gergia kog deck also have yami marik farm deck for you guys https://www.y...
guys semi budget gergia kog deck
I'm staying up to see the schedule for next month.
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