Geargia: Deck recipe [Jun 12 Updated]

Legend rank 2 with this gear deck and have 2000 gems ... Whats best way to upgrade this deck or should I start building a different deck?
Just weird man. Anti magic is irrelevant when you have attacker and you don't need attack boosts. Tech in brethren; pulse mines or Anubis and a couple of chalices and you should be able to get KOG in no time
<< Anonymous(Fixer)
I just started and didnt know what to get with those UR and SR tickets so I got those power ups/arrows... ill def pick up brethren and chalices... how do I get mines? I see only way to get anubis is through getting odion
<< Anonymous(bclark)
Make use of "how to get" feature bro. We can suggest how to strengthen your deck but not how to get for each one of them.
You need at least 2 ties
Man i am the owner of the last kog deck in this page your deck is too weak you need plus mine and ties
<< Anonymous(Gaffer)
You dont need pulse mines or ties, I hit KOG during april without both as I just started the game.
Get your hands on 2x Powerful rebirth if you can.
2x forbidden chalice are also great!



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I feel like adding Polymerization and Divine Dragon Ragnarok to a Buster Blader deck would make i...
Is there a specific box to get the gemini cards from?
broken vs spellbook and amazoness!
wha is in Hagoromo deck 1 card ur and 1 sr but its the same card
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