Selection Box Vol.02

I spend 2000 gems on this and I've got: 1 U.A. Midfielder (UR) 2 E hero solid soldier (SR) 1 Wiseman's chalise (SR) 1 noble knight drystan (SR) 1 batteryman micro-cell (SR) 1 mirtha thunder vassal (SR) 1 megalomasher x (SR) 1 mask chance (SR) 1 cocoon of ultra Evo (SR) So overall not that great except for the new E hero. What do you guys think. Let me know in the comments. I also think I gonna buy a pack deal for this.
I bought the 1 pack deal and then the 2 pack deal after this. I,ve got:
1 drowning mirror force (UR) :D
1 Samsara dragon of rebirth (SR) :D
1 Wiseman's chalise (SR) :(
SidLovesYubel my 2000 gems I got:
1 Nova
1 Cocoon Ultra Evolution
1 Scrap Archfiend
1 E-Hero Solid Soldier
1 Spellbook of Secrets
1 Vassal
2 Network Trap Hole and
1 Psyhemuth! :) congratulations to all of us. I was hoping of Midfielder since I only have 2 but maybe I'll get it by a dream ticket.
<< Anonymous(SidLovesYubel)
Guy of this post
Yeah. I'm really looking forward to the dreamtickt! I think i will go for my 3th anki or my first galaxy cyclone.
<< Anonymous(Guy of this post)
better go for your 3rd anki, Focus one building meta decks rather than collecting staples
Johnny Sins
LOL i got the same
<< Anonymous
Guy of this post
I've went for the anki. Then I bought 4 packs or something of the Gaia box and I've got my galaxy cyclone :D
<< Anonymous(Guy of this post)
Nice then
Congratulations mate



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Honestly, the Skill suggestions are usually pretty valid and one of the more common options. Dest...
Glad this card comes in a TINY BOX. I got it just with 200 gems yesterday
I mean, just as SSA etc when their main boxes were released
The one from the current Card Flipper campaign is our second. (The only other one is the Rex leve...
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