Joey Wheeler

As a Joey main, I felt disrespected at "Level 5 is enough"
what kind of deck do you recommend, I would like to try and use Joey more
wait until they buff reinforcement I guess.
And so what? It's true
Thex 27days ago
Last Gamble Desert Twister deck :D
<< Anonymous
Triggered Joey main 19days ago
Here's my luck on your side. Really fun to play
<< Anonymous
Triggered Joey main 19days ago
And here's my Last gamble
<< Anonymous(Triggered Joey main)
Triggered Joey main 19days ago
Not up to date
Switch riryoku for mirror wall
Switch rocket warrior for twister



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this skill isn't too op as described
Same here.............
That what I was thinking 1700 is max for a guy who can use a field spell to get 1900
I got It's a toon world Skill against Yami yugi lv 20. Using a regular deck. I was tryng and...
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