King of Games decks [January 2018]

cyka 5days ago
i hate glad beasts i d rather deal with dakinis pre nerf on em , attack stall swap 2 mins swapping more stall swap so annoying i hated em since the release and now its even worse ..
Anoymous 4days ago
Pre nerf dakini won't even stall, will rape you ass straight away
Shindeiru 3days ago
nephtys rip GB soooo ez... i got KOG in a 12 winning streak with phoenix :v
<< Anonymous(Shindeiru)
shindeiru 3days ago
.gif fail sorry
cyka 2days ago
i prefer getting raped in 2 turns by daikini than waiting 10 mns for glads to swap and stall i hated glad beasts and i still hate em in duel links
<< Anonymous(cyka)
blyat 1days ago
Right, time is money and I don't want to wait half a hour just to see GB players switch shit back and forth. I'm sure majority of GB players are either jobless or hobos that doesn't know what to do with their time so they play a long ass GB deck instead.
<< Anonymous(cyka)
Anoymous 1days ago
yes, i know how u feel bro.
Glad Beast 1days ago
I am the king of all beast, mighty as the Jungle, cunning as the lion!! PROUD!!!!(slaps chest) ROAR!!!! I like to bully weaklings like these ppl that can't beat me and whine boohoo!!!! HAHA!!!!! switchy switchy!!!! it's called team work!!!! glad beasts go!!!!
<< Anonymous(Glad Beast)
cyka 1days ago
<< Anonymous(cyka )
Glad Beast 1days ago



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