Fur Hire: deck recipe [Mar 2020]

Strange, people usually hate the most popular deck... or should I say: "Those who plan to boycott duel links always hate the most popular deck while claiming to be "the general public"(?), Promoting hate against the most popular decks makes the boycott easy, that's how they plan to get rid of a competitor in the market and push their own game. It has happened to Microsoft as well. Do you Remember that: "XBOX has no games rant"?. It was created to deceive the general public and boycott Microsoft, so they can push the sales of their HUGE multinational corporations such as Sony.
That's something I've been noticing lately, seems like I'm not the only one.
Reading "komoney u greedy i hate u" is actually pretty hilarious, because they just give away gems all the time. And they keep releasing competitive Free-2-Play decks as well, just as Cyber Dark.
Anyway, I'm ready for the upcoming box !
very interesting post, my friend.
Quite an eye-opener.
Thanks for sharing.
Perfect PREY
This makes a lot of sense actually.
Thanks for sharing m8!
Wow, how is this YGO comment section turn into console war? I dont understand. Are you 🔥box fanboy or someone hired by micro$oft?

Anyway, its true though. 🔥box has no games. Their overrated shooter (Halo 5) is ridden with microtransaction.
<< Anonymous(Liga)
What? I can't express my opinion? Oh I know you trying to make ppl boicott xbox. Then you try to boycott duel link too. Konami is wonderful. Duel link is free. You negative ppl go away. I'm offended y know
<< Anonymous(Interesting)
I rarely take part in this comment section, but I believe that yeah, in fact there was some kind of weird hate campaign here. So much anger against konami, it looked strange. Anyway, I believe it's gone, for good. What's funny it's the fact I never considered fur hire as a powerful deck.
<< Anonymous([ND]Vermillion@OCG )
This is an old post, but it makes a lot of sense.
Great Post
Exactly what OP said.
thanks 4 sharing
One of the best comments ever written here.


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