Marik Ishtar

Once normal Marik becomes unlockable, it would be so cute if he had a little family reunion scene with Ishizu and Odion. Then, the Ishtar family would finally be together in Duel Links.
And fock together, rightttt?
I wasn't talking to you, Valencia.
Aweee cute
<< Anonymous(Anonymouse)
No worries. There can be a lot of confusion on this site.
<< Anonymous(Baharley)
Five stars!
Something tells me that he isn't gonna be unlockable this month
nor early March.
I think we'll have to wait until battle city part 2.
Don't know when that will be but I'm mostly sure that there will be a rerun of the fisrt part before this happens.
<< Anonymous(YamiRyou)
Yeah, I have a feeling they will wait until like, summer or something just to do this. Hopefully, I'm wrong and it will be earlier, but man, Konami sure has dragged their feet with Marik.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
From the time i started watching yugioh the only reason that made me a yugioh fan was marik ...each day Im checking this page and of course game news to see if finally he's unlocked , so please konami make this wish come true faster , many fans are waiting ;'(
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Kisses ^_^
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Summer !!! Hell no
Thats too late
<< Anonymous(Baharley)
I know, but I am also wondering if Konami has something against Marik (sometimes even Yami, with how few events he had and how long it is taking to get him to the gate). Don't know if it is because they are afraid of releasing more gravekeeper support, but this is ridiculous. I want Marik, and I have friends who even started a duel room for him!
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Yep i tollay agree
Yami had few events and took a long time to be unlocked
Lets hope we get marik sooner than we think



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