Duel Links Forbidden & Limited card [26 Apr Updated]

Yami Dovah
People, let's fill the Konami email box with complaints about limiting Econ. Nobody seems to be satisfied with this, it was an unnecessary action that will only disrupt the game strategies. We are Konami customers, we need to remember, and we like the game, so we can not let them spoil it.
Nah, I'm good. I would've been happier if Onslaught were limited to one and if Spellbooks got hit somewhere but what we got is pretty nice. ECon's just icing on the cake for all the other affected decks with semi-limited staples
<< Anonymous
Onslaught to 1 would destroy the amazoness deck. It's way to easy to remove backrow.
Limiting is the best thing they done. Now you cant use econ with the meta deck without removing your onslaut or celestial or a rose lover. Spellbook doesnt need econ nor geargia. The only deck that can now abuse econ is SSA or archfiend. But they are not that good anymore.
They did it for a reason. SOOOOO MANY people hate it, and the worse players just stack 3 of them, with toggle on...
I personaly hate econ and would love to see it limited to 1 and not 2
<< Anonymous
No. It makes complete sense. It's a staple card used in EVERY single deck. It's surprising it wasn't limited to 1 per deck quite honestly. I can't think of a deck that doesn't run it, that anyone uses outside of stall burn.
<< Anonymous
I would be happy if they limit econ instead of semi -limit, so that I can put 1 along with 2 celestial in my D-hero deck.

But since they semi-limit it, obviously people including myself have to pick 2 celestial over econ.

Same case for sylvan and amazoness.



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op :d
can KoG be demoted ?
They can hit other cards. They are not limited Komushrumo (SR) but noone play Sylvans anymore.
Grepher is an option i guess
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