King of Games decks [January 2018]

A hammer shark KOG deck!!!? So water decks havent lost all hope yet though they still get wrecked most of the time
Everything works and don't work. It's all luck and rng. You may have skills and good cards, but if your luck says no, they are nothing.
<< Anonymous
Wrong. If you played 10 games and won 1, it does not mean you are bad and you can blame luck for this. If you played 200 games and won 20, you are hella bad.

Winning or losing a game might depend on luck. But reaching KOG does not since the number of games you play are so many which makes the statics way too consistent to depend on luck.
I don't see why this game does not depend on luck. If not, you can reach KOG more easily with any decks posted here since they are what people used to reach KOG. Luck doesn't count only on your side. If your opponents have optimum hand or good draw, you are unlucky as well.

GB, CA, Burn, etc. are tier 1? Brick a lot or have a bad draw and don't say that is not because of luck.
Lost all my prom matches due to RNG. Luck definitely is a huge factor.
Lost all my KOG promotion matches due to RNG, opening hands all had 3 Electro and another random monster, no backrow. Luck is a pretty much a factor
<< Anonymous
You know what, luck does play a huge factor. I used six sams and had a win streak from plat 1 to legend, getting the perfect hand in those 3 hours. And before that I got to plat 4 the same way. Waited a for a day, then got the shittest hand possibly and getting a lose streak. I literally pulled all spells or all monsters with no balance at all.
<< Anonymous
It still depend on luck, each deck has bad matchups, so you can lose before even game starts.



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Yeah, it also has Dark Law, Dian, Mask Change II, Solid Soldier, Raigeki, Pot of Greed, Delinquen...
the 25th or 26th usually
This card's effect is definitely box material, not free drop material
You activated it in the damage step.
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