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I think I have a serious question for the haters of this deck. What is the point of releasing new decks if you are not going to play with them?, sylvans came out, you didn't play them, amazoness were released, you didn't play them either, and now these cats "fur hire" arrived and you still complain. What do you want?, perhaps you want a very exclusive deck, highly expensive, but then you'll have the excuse to call duel links "pay to win". It seems to me, that the most noob among noobs want to condition people's opinion, our opinion. The deck is cool and fun to play and also not very expensive.
whatever... I never hated so I feel no guilt :D
Man I really like the artwork and just ignore such deceitful comments.
* if you floodgate this little cat, He won't be able to use his effect. So, this deck can't be broken at all.
*Same if you use a Canadia on him, same with chalice.
*Same if you destroy your shield and equip it to Drystan.
I play Geargia, no probs against furries.
I also tried them, the cats r fun
Gotta say I love this deck ^^
They are bot from other similar game I wont mention. They want this game to die so their gamr will live.
This deck is really fun to play, just don't listen to those retards lol :D
Lol how could they be broken if people is playing 3 copies of canadia xD, 3 floodgates and 3 chalices.
There are plenty of ways to counter this little deck, people just hates for no reason.
Deck can have really powerful starts, however it is far from broken. Even with turn 1 Wiz setting which is my experience has been the most troublesome start, I've been able to recover by attacking or destroying the relevant sutff before going unga-bunga for lethal. Once their field is full, you just have to prepare for their backrow and focus on building your field.
I was stucked in Legend 1 for the last 2 seasons and today I almost hit Kog again !
Fun to play.
Cool deck, fun to play and it's also a HUGE comeback for Hey!, Trunade!
Yep, I'd say Hey trunade is almost mandatory in this deck.
I play 2 Trunades instead of 2 econs.
Already KOG, 0 regrets.
The complaint is that it isn't fun. The only people who are playing Tier 1 decks, like the ones you listed, are the people who don't actually enjoy the game. Its not fun to play against those decks and its not fun if you know you are going to win because you have some super awesome broken deck. I complain because it comes out and now EVERYBODY is playing it, ruining it for others. NoStrategyNeeded
<< Anonymous
You are basically telling everybody that if they want to enjoy the game now, they have to build their deck around countering fur hire. Thats not fun at all. Stop playing the decks that win easily and try playing a deck where you have to think and plan ahead. Not where you summon 1 monster and destroy the most powerful monster in their deck that took them 3 turns to set up. Waste of time and notfun
I love this deck
People reached Kog with Sea Stealth Attack and Psychics...
The deck is not even being overused in my opinion.
<< Anonymous(Glass)
Not overused in low ranks. But highly overused from platinum onwards. So that more or less shows where your ranking is.
U r right, because it's new, next month the most popular deck will be another one. Yep! as simple as that :)
People hates this deck for no reason, all I'm seeing lately is amazoness and d-heroes.
<< Anonymous(Glass)
Lol idk about that. Out of 10 match i played 7 were fur hire
<< Anonymous
i dont even remeber when the vagabond used a non-furry deck, maybe 1 amazoness and a masked hero, everything else was furries.
Is this little guy a Porcupine or a Cat ? o.o ?
Pretty much they hate every new deck that comes out, just ignore the guys. They really need to learn how to play the game instead of whining every time there's a new release.
Yes, it is not expensive. That's why Fur Hire decks are spreading like weeds. I prefer diversity. So, I won't join Fur Hire cancers, you Fur Hire scums!
it's all about diversity
<< Anonymous(HUGE QUESTION)
The REAL question has still not been answered
Kaiba Security
People hate any Meta deck that 80% of players use. The repetitive format combined with the same exact tactic makes ranked matches boring and the users fill the top teir(legend)and stay there. Fur on fur means only lucky ones get KOG now.
Because EVERYONE uses it. And is not like the deck is fair, if you encounter someone using the deck, just surrender because you can't do ANYTHING against it. The worst part is that is a deck of furries.
^ K, so guys this is the conclusion.
New Meta --> complaint --> nerf --> new meta --> complaint --> nerf --> and so on till we dont have enough gems to spend unless we pay $$$ for it.
This is what konami wants, and they are laughing right NOW !



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