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You must be drunk gamea, you know that dakini is no longer on the top. Lol just using econ to counter that card and they will be up since that ritual spell card is nerf
Are you retarded? If your opponent has a brain they can play around econ and still mess you up. Cyber angels are at the top because they are very consistent and powerful.
they are crazy consistent, number of combacks from like 2 cards is just ridiculous
<< Anonymous
Consistent myass, trust me young boy, i've met and ruin CA more than anything in pvp with GB
CA player: Summon Dakini
Player trying to counter: Activates Econ take
CA player: uses their RETARDED search power to summon another Dakini
Player trying to counter: DC's
<< Anonymous
Lmao. You must be vs silver noobs. If your opponent has mind scan, they'll see your face down econ and play around it.



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But based on the leaked news, 5Ds's characters' level is only 30
That's an oddly specific loop hole. Do we know if that also works for Monsters with ? or X A...
I hope they add Dark Strike Fighter, that is one of my favorite synchro summons
you win when you bring this card out
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