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This guy who said the AI is rigged made me laugh a lot. You need to be a serious IMBECILE if you don't it's obvious the NPC is going to start with a good hand. The game needs to have a minimum of difficulty. Next time use your brain before spouting your 🔥ed comments.
There's a fine line between challenge and straight up ruining player's enjoyment.

And rigging the AI to ALWAYS (not just sometimes) have perfect hand (not just good, but downright perfect), is the latter.
Actually YOU need to use your intelligence for once.

Just be because someone says an opinion doesn't make him/her an imbecile or 🔥 comments.

This simply means you're a person who just spouts arrogant opinion on others
All games are supposed to have some difficulty
What OP said
<< Anonymous
do u consider grind as difficulty ?



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Oh yes? Well legit couple months before Konami made this card easy af to get. I USED MY DREAM TIX...
Six Sams do not need this card to be tiered... There are a lot of other good protection cards
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