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DUDE the only thing I dislike about this game is the fact that they are some CREEPY-ASS MOFOS always blabbering about money in this site. WTF, it's a card game not a forum related to the stock market lmaaaaaaaaaoooooo dude. On the other hand, you never run out of gems in this game, so what the f*** bro lol
They are not even players man, you'll find out soon.
Oh trust me, you will run out of gems. It's good that you're keeping a good economy for now though, but this game is very demanding when it comes to spending gems.
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
Stop crying! You can always make a new account!
The amount of kobots here is legitimately creepy
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
lmao since when i've been playing it since the beginning without throwing a dime into it lmao! your just a fool to even think that!
Go back to Fornit
Not everyone is a kid in middle-schools, with infinite time in their hands.
"On the other hand, you never run out of gems in this game, so what the f*** bro lol"
try spending all your gems and see how long it takes to accumulate it all back you moron.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
P2W players triumph over F2P players hierarchy
<< Anonymous
Be careful on what you say about f2p players.
Op did 9/11
<< Anonymous
This game has NEVER been pay to win.
Not even during a single month.

People keep reaching Kog with Hazyflames.

Playmaker Duel Links reached #51 at WCS playing SPELLBOOKS.

Only idiots keep calling the game 'p2w
Hmmm I guess whoever wrote this post was right after all.
Absolutely true
<< Anonymous
What are you talking about?!

This game is FACTUALLY pay to win because of the simple fact that they have deals geared towards people who can spend the cash to use them. There are ZERO deals involving gems, and there are even structure decks that only allow those with money to access them.

The deals even guarantee SR, UR cards and gems. Your argument is moot.
<< Anonymous
1. Most structure deck EX can be bought once using gems. Only 1 (ONE) cannot, and the deck is already powercreeped now.

2. SR/UR deal give you random SR/UR from the box. You actually have a very good chance of wasting your money due to getting the SR/UR you don't need.

3. Your first paragraph claims there's ZERO deals involving gems, yet your second paragraph claims "the deals guarantee gems"???
<< Anonymous
The only thing that p2p is structure deck. As for the main box and mini box, everyone can bought them with gem as long as they patient enough.

For example, there is no way f2p can manage 3 copies of cosmo brain, and so on. So far they only give UR and SR dream ticket ( and of course, not everything is included on those ticket). I used mine for Silent magician X3, and im not regretting any of it
This post is one of the most authentic messages I've read in this site.
Anoymous 8days ago
this game needs to be kess P2W instead should give F2P players a chance on getting exclusive cards without paying..


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Players have been abusing this card recently. Perhaps Komoney should limit it to three with decks...
This card really needs to be forbidden along with TTH. Way to many trash players hiding behind it...
I know that this deck looks weird but it works pretty well and it's very budget friendly (yo...
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