Duel Links Forbidden & Limited card [Oct 16 Updated]

welcome back to Tier List : 3x Gozuki 3x Samurai Skull 3x REZD 1x Bacon Saver 3x RE Insight 2x Econ 2x Storm / Cosmic Cyclone / Double Cyclone 3x RE Spirit skill : Beatdown
yeah tier 4 maybe.
T 2. Guy above me is an idoit. I guess we'll see soon enough.
Gabriel Leonardo
Is a good deck but at same level as Aromage. Good for F2P, not for up on the rank.
Hoping zombies enter the meta again.
<< Anonymous(Gabriel Leonardo)
uh what
Good for F2P...? You can't be serious... REZD is expensive as for a mere tier two deck. Even new players with max gems would be smart enough not to open into Crimson Kingdom...
<< Anonymous(uh what)
Yeah, I agree, REZD deck is nowhere near F2P, so this deck isn't good for F2P lmao.
Posthumous Army >>> Beatdown



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Not without splashing something else in there. Destiny Hero and Amazon works well. I will be s...
This archetype has a very special connection to me, they are the first ones that I bought in real...
he's been chazzed!
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