Duel Links Forbidden & Limited card [Aug 15 Updated]

welcome back to Tier List : 3x Gozuki 3x Samurai Skull 3x REZD 1x Bacon Saver 3x RE Insight 2x Econ 2x Storm / Cosmic Cyclone / Double Cyclone 3x RE Spirit skill : Beatdown
yeah tier 4 maybe.
T 2. Guy above me is an idoit. I guess we'll see soon enough.
Gabriel Leonardo
Is a good deck but at same level as Aromage. Good for F2P, not for up on the rank.
Hoping zombies enter the meta again.
<< Anonymous(Gabriel Leonardo)
uh what
Good for F2P...? You can't be serious... REZD is expensive as for a mere tier two deck. Even new players with max gems would be smart enough not to open into Crimson Kingdom...
<< Anonymous(uh what)
Yeah, I agree, REZD deck is nowhere near F2P, so this deck isn't good for F2P lmao.
Posthumous Army >>> Beatdown



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No we won't we'll play against zorc as a charactet like in the DD tower but that's... No download but streaming and you can choose between sub and dub
Get your Debunks and Transmigration Prophecys ready my lads because mermails are coming in hot
I don't understand how konami can put 3 cyber angel cards in the same ban list.At least make...
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