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update 16/02/2017

Paleozoic Canadia

Paleozoic Canadia
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCard effect / Quick-like Effect / Condition


Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; change it to face-down Defense Position. Once per Chain, when a Trap Card is activated while this card is in your Graveyard: Special Summon this card as a Normal Monster (Aqua-Type/WATER/Level 2/ATK 1200/DEF 0). (This card is NOT treated as a Trap Card.) If Summoned this way, this card is unaffected by monster effects, also banish it when it leaves the field.

How to Get

PackValiant Souls [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Changes 1 face-up monster your opponent controls to face-down.
  • You can Special Summon this card as Normal Monster when a Trap card is activated (by you or your opponent). Gains immunity towards monster effects.
  • This card is not treated as a Trap card, therefore spell/trap removal effects does not work on this card.


  • If this card leaves the Field after it was Special Summoned, banish this monster.
  • Have weak ATK and DEF.


  • When you flip this Trap card after it was Set, it is still considered Trap Card, and it will only set a face-up monster your opponent controls, face-down. After that resolves, this card will be sent to the Graveyard.
  • After it was sent to the Graveyard, you can therefore activate its effect by chaining to another Trap card’s activation.
    Monsters set to face-down by this card effect, can be flipped face up again.
  • This card also acts as an easy tribute for Citadel Whale.


When Flip summoned, this card can search for Paleozoic Canada from your Deck to your Top Deck.

Field Spell

This monster will greatly increase its ATK with Wetlands on the Field.


You can further equip Amulet of Ambition to this monster to increase its ATK based on its level difference with the opponent’s monster.

Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
Chain Reaction(skill)
Can be used each time you activate a Trap card. Decreases your opponent's Life Points by 200.




ActionsFlips monsters face-down / Changes Battle Positions / Activates from your Graveyard
Banished categoriesBanishes itself from field
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesTreats Trap Cards as monsters / Unaffected by Monster Cards
Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your Graveyard


Hot New Top
is this card bugged, i've used it on my opponents monsters often and they dont flip face down defence mode
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Let me guess, Sylvans/Aromage, right? Read Rose Lover's effect again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wrong on normal summoned monsters, nice try though
The best combo breaker in the whole game. Simply awesome. rate 10/10
<< Anonymous(GoForIt)
Tetsu Reply
Combo breaker *sigh*... I guess you are rigth about that, I just got schooled by 2 canadias played in a row lol
<< Anonymous(GoForIt)
10/10 Reply
best tech ever, not just a combo breaker since it can help you to summon high lvl monsters as well like U.A. and I haven't tried to synchro summon with it, but it might work as well.
How some people have 3 canadia u just can get one from the pack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In this game you can get 3 copies of the UR card by reseting the box and starting opening packs all over again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can reset the boxes as he said, or get stupid lucky like I did. I got a copy in a guaranteed UR deal, then pulled the copy in the box, it was glossy...

Should I bother trying to get a third?
Limit this garbage. How is this not limited to 2 cards? Nearly ever duel above gold has it and it just turns into a Canadia war.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's a main box UR, that's why.

I'm sure eventually Konami will be brave enough to hit main box UR though, and I bet the first two will be Anki and Canadia.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But the game is great when you spend 4 consecutive turns flipping over one another's normal summon.
What does "Once per chain" mean
<< Anonymous(Yomir)
Anonymous Reply
You can't activate this card manually from the graveyard, only if your opponent activates a trap card, you can chain this card's effect from the graveyard, and only once, you can't activate it twice in the same chain if you have 2 of these cards in your graveyard.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can also chain it in responce to your own trap card.
I just got the 3 packs and UR a Canadia in the third pack and the UR was.. ANOTHER FREAKING CANADIA!.. From none to 2! There is always hope.. You just need to stop beleving..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You mean start believing?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Card nees to be limited or semi ar best.
It's too good at what it does. It can shut down any monster in the game too easily. Applicable in virtually every single situation.
This card alone hard counters even a good portion of boss monsters. There is no reason why you wouldn't want to run this card.
<< Anonymous
Chulo Reply
Canadia is played so much because otherwise most OTKs would not have reliable ways to be countered. I am sick of fighting "Canadia wars" on ranked every single duel, however we have to understand it is a necessary evil right now
<< Anonymous(Chulo)
Anonymous Reply
Canadia at least is a trap, so you need a turn to set up, imagine if every canadia is replaced by book of moon or (probably will be added) quaking mirror force or floodgate trap hole, what will you do?
Since i personally use 3 canadias all the time, it doesnt make any deck really better, it's just a stopper for those ****ing otk decks
don't ever touch this card, my deck relies on this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Don't worry, this card most likely is gonna be just in Limited 3

Along with any other powerful generic staple you use :p
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I see what you have done there
How to counter this thing?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jinzo, or ANY form of backrow removal.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cosmic Cyclone, Galaxy Cyclone, Chain Dispel (in case your opponent runs three and 2 of them are in the deck) Soul Release if in the graveyard, or even using Anti Trap cards like EH Wildheart and Blizzard Princess (although it only works once for Blizzard Princess).
Honestly I don't see why this card so powerful , I play alien and I can counter this card ,mainly because thanks to mind scan ,mysterious triangle and "A"cell recombination device.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol canadia not good
Christ, I hate paleo as an archetype. I pray Toadally Awesome never comes to DL.
<< Anonymous
Dimaster Reply
You are not alone buddy.
Palaeozoics combo well with the tiki trap monsters so if you crash with both tiki trap monsters on the field you destroy a monster then reset your trap
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it doesnt work verywell with those

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