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43rd Main Box: Braver Victory
update 02/11/2020
Season 56 DurationOctober 1 - November 1

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Want to share your deck to help other playes? Send us an e-mail at with the image of your deck and proof of reaching KoG along with how it works! The title of your email must be KOG deck.

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Number of users per deck

Blackwing Synchro2
Blue-Eyes Synchro3
Crystron SSA1
Dark Magician2
Dragunity Synchro3
Gren Maju Da Stromberg2
Invoked Magician Girl2
Invoked Roid1
Karakuri Synchro3
Magician of Chaos1
Neos Fusion1
Red-Eyes Fusion1
Shiranui Synchro3
Six Samurai Synchro2
Superheavy Samurai Synchro2
Thunder Dragon1
Yubel Nephthys1

Blackwing Synchro


Blackwing SynchroChaidirPieroBlackwing Synchro ChaidirPiero2
IGN: ChaidirPiero, Skill: Peak Performance, Date Submitted: Oct 6


BlackwingYoshifoodBlackwing Yoshifood2
IGN: Yoshifood, Skill: Draw Sense: Low-Level, Date Submitted: Oct 27

Blue-Eyes Synchro


Blue-Eyes SynchroSolace
IGN: Solace, Skill: Switcheroo, Date Submitted: Oct 5


Blue-Eyes SynchroIdolfistBlue-Eyes Synchro Idolfist2
IGN: Idolfist, Skill: Alternative Evolution, Date Submitted: Oct 19


Blue-Eyes SynchroDarkarrowBlue-Eyes Synchro Darkarrow2
IGN: Darkarrow, Skill: Alternative Evolution, Date Submitted: Oct 27



Cyrstronpeaceminus1Cyrstron peaceminus12
IGN: peaceminus1, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Oct 26

Crystron SSA

Farlin XD4

Crystron SSAFarlin XD4Crystron SSA Farlin XD42
IGN: Farlin XD4, Skill: Mythic Depths, Date Submitted: Oct 19

Dark Magician

闇Ryu Bakura

DM闇Ryu BakuraDM 闇Ryu Bakura2
IGN: 闇Ryu Bakura, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Oct 30


IGN: Dos, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Oct 31



IGN: Colin, Skill: Master of Destiny, Date Submitted: Oct 4

Dragunity Synchro


Dragunity SynchroKortezzyDragunity Synchro Kortezzy2
IGN: Kortezzy, Skill: Switcheroo, Date Submitted: Oct 2


Dragunity SynchroIIINCDragunity Synchro IIINC2
IGN: IIINC, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Oct 4


Dragunity SynchroJORGE V
IGN: JORGE V , Skill: Switcheroo, Date Submitted: Oct 24

Gren Maju Da Stromberg


Gren Maju Da StrombergMtoutexGren Maju Da Stromberg Mtoutex2
IGN: Mtoutex, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Oct 14


Gren Maju Da StrombergnoopdeckunoobGren Maju Da Stromberg noopdeckunoob2
IGN: noopdeckunub, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Oct 27



InfernityMhdInfernity Mhd2
IGN: Mhd, Skill: Infernity Inferno, Date Submitted: Oct 27

Invoked Magician Girl


Invoked Magician GirlDrustanInvoked Magician Girl Drustan2
IGN: Drustan, Skill: Draw Sense: DARK, Date Submitted: Oct 12


Invoked Magicial GirlBom
IGN: Bom, Skill: Draw Sense: DARK, Date Submitted: Oct 31

Invoked Roid


Destiny DrawMorpheusDestiny Draw Morpheus2
IGN: Morpheus, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Oct 21

Karakuri Synchro

Ahmed Helmy

Karakuri SynchroAhmed HelmyKarakuri Synchro Ahmed Helmy2
IGN: Ahmed Helmy, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: Oct 14


Karakuri SynchroMert1337
IGN: Mert1337, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: Oct 17


Karakuri SynchroRevolver
IGN: Revolver, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Oct 20



LightswornImAGodLightsworn ImAGod2
IGN: ImAGod, Skill: Spell Specialist, Date Submitted: Oct 8


IGN: BlueDelta, Skill: My Monster Cards, Date Submitted: Nov 1



LunalightmekklordLunalight mekklord2
IGN: mekklord, Skill: Master of Fusion, Date Submitted: Oct 30

Magician of Chaos


Magician of ChaosAlexTheBestMagician of Chaos AlexTheBest2
IGN: AlexTheBest, Skill: Master of Rites, Date Submitted: Oct 31



IGN: zSenpasento, Skill: Shadow Game, Date Submitted: Oct 20

Neos Fusion


Neos FusionEclipseNeos Fusion Eclipse2
IGN: Eclipse, Skill: Neo Space!, Date Submitted: Oct 8

Red-Eyes Fusion


Red-Eyes FusionUltionisRed-Eyes Fusion Ultionis2
IGN: Ultionis, Skill: Sealed Tombs, Date Submitted: Oct 22

Shiranui Synchro


Shiranui SynchroDartzShiranui Synchro Dartz2
IGN: Dartz, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Oct 6


Shiranui SynchroHeartfiliaShiranui Synchro Heartfilia2
IGN: Heartfilia, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Oct 10


JoeMahmaJoeMahmaJoeMahma JoeMahma2
IGN: JoeMahma, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Oct 12


ShiranuiPowerSuckerShiranui PowerSucker2Shiranui PowerSucker2
IGN: PowerSucker, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Oct 16

Ricky Kaiba

ShiranuiRicky Kaiba
IGN: Ricky Kaiba, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Oct 30

Six Samurai Synchro


Six Samurai SynchropasqSix Samurai Synchro pasq2
IGN: pasq, Skill: The tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Oct 13


Six Samurai SynchroDestinyXSunSix Samurai Synchro DestinyXSun2
IGN: DestinyXSun, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Oct 31

Superheavy Samurai Synchro


Superheavy Samurai SynchroNoBackrowSuperheavy Samurai Synchro NoBackrow2
IGN: NoBackrow, Skill: Defense Charge, Date Submitted: Oct 3


Superheavy Samurai SynchroSirBrickALotSuperheavy Samurai Synchro SirBrickALot2
IGN: SirBrickALot, Skill: Defense Charge, Date Submitted: Oct 24

Thunder Dragon


Thunder Dragon∆KuroramaThunder Dragon ∆Kurorama2
IGN: ∆Kurorama, Skill: See You Later!, Date Submitted: Oct 30



IGN: CombeiErrado, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Oct 16


IGN: Bottoni, Skill: Balance, Date Submitted: Oct 22


IGN: Tolex, Skill: Master of Rites II, Date Submitted: Oct 27



IGN: LaplaceXZ, Skill: Master of Rites II, Date Submitted: Oct 25



Hot New Top
Zubaba general is a great addition to six sams, now they can get rid of that dirty Cocytus!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just Wait for Karma Cut getting Semi Limited to 2 Next Banlist. , now the Scams are gonna get their copy cat slacks right to Bronze where they belong. Bunch of noob 6 Scam Slackers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
with my amazoness i beat six scam s every time almost if no dual wield its over if i can activate onslaught and have a monster on by shien join the banish pile :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"actually it's the player who won. A deck cannot play itself" not true.there are decks which play themselves and broken and unfair asf.skill matter not too much like in sport.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the guy meant literally when he said "a deck cannot play itself", not figuratively.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But what if UR cards don't actually share the same chances? As far as I know Konami has never disclosed the chances of getting a UR card, we just make assumptions.

And if you ask me that's shady of them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Revealing the truth might cause an uproar. I don't expect them to come out clean about that
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Repeat it with 1000 different accounts and write down in which pack you actually got Fiendish Chain.

Then, you can plot the distribution and you can easily see, if the game is rigged or not.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I created some new account just to rank up pvp again

and I can confirm, with my experience packs are cleary rigged

probably the most popular cards on ranked has more high chance to be hidden on bottom of box
Do people really make that KoG grind just to get 4 packs (200 gems)? Really?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
but u dont grind for kog for 200 gems so that part if not relevant in ur better grind gems statement.better level up until or play missions in that time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have to confess that I grind for kog just for the extra 200 gems. If I want aachallenge challenge I just go to duel rooms. At least in duel rooms I can use and play vs nice funny/creative/meme/rogue decks instead of the same 3-4 tier decks all the time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
these decks are not challenging cos they are not the best.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A good deck can also be difficult and complicated to use as well as some being 🔥 easy. It just depends.
i have two questions:these decks played through from legend or platinum to kog or used other decks?the other how can gamea make sure that sb reached kog with the deck posted and not other?
<< Anonymous(Farlin XD4)
Anonymous Reply
I agree with the most part of it although i think its 2 days ago when DLM updated their tier list making combo shiras only tier 2 and Karakuri tier 1.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well i reached legend 5 with amazoness and won 3 in a row at maximum.still doesnt think it a competetive deck.maybe i can reach kog but i got deranked to legend 1(used different decks with that but lost a lot with my legend 5 deck too)
i defeated combo shiranooie and invoked variants i have an 50% winrate but never reached kog in 3500 ranked duels.guess i must be real unlucky.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
when going for kog there is always s h it happening on my 4th match with amazoness.but latest on the 5th match with my previos decks.I guess this game is rig gg e d
played for kog 3 times lost all of it cos i got matched up with an unf a ir super optimized and even a deck what countered and the draw s were no comment.
i keep pariing up with legned 4 and 5 with streaks on my fourth match to kog.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
if not then its a no way legend 1 or 2 de ck with super opitmized card s like blue eyes.and that player is climbing the ladder currently but its a kog worthy decklist minimum
Hit KoG this afternoon with DM, only 4 losses from Leg1 to KoG and 2 were KoG rankup losses. 1 to Shiranui 1 to Karakuri. I had a 10W streak from Leg 1 to 3 then a loss then a 10W streak from Leg 3 to 5. I think ive built a genuinely good deck and Im not gonna use it now, dont wanna share it until KC is over next month

Im actually surprised I havent seen a deck like it yet and yes I know its all talk without proof but just had to say it to somebody
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ho.. reading your comment make me want to duel against you with my favorite kog deck xD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well done bro
just kogged with
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 vyon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and the funny thing is i won the brick hand but keep getting the one increase in hand.idiot ls summoned bacon savor in attack but kept fortune lady in defense.could be a misplay or was stupid cos attacked into my facedown increase then saw it then surrendered
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this skill is terrible dude.i cant make a counter attack with heros with this sh i t .every time i activate it its just i lose 1 round later thats all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 special summon next turn ? lol what a b s
Took three damn years to get king of games with a blue eyes deck F2P
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
After losing five kog promo ín a row three ín august two ín oct
<< Anonymous(Darkarrow)
Anonymous Reply
3 years?that deck seems really op at least if not broken with alternative evolution
<< Anonymous(Darkarrow)
Anonymous Reply
blue eyes isnt f2p at all specially 3 consonances version kid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is, you can get everything from boxes without spending a dime. maybe that's why op took so long to get to KoG, it wasn't the ladder but completing the deck

Is it a bug? Opponent attacking with winda while king golem is active and I used treacherous but he can still use winad's effect to summon a monster. I think he should not because of king golem...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I can confirm that Kingolem's activation restriction works if Winda is destroyed by battle (her special summon cannot be activated). In this case it may not work because Winda was destroyed by Treacherous, which is not included in Kingolem's effects.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*by battle with your Triamid monsters.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In this replay Winda was attacking, is it the same if is the triamid monster attacking? I think the opponent should not be able to activate winda's effect because kingolem says when a triamid monster battle. Maybe if winda is attacking and get destroyed the triamid monster is not battling anymore.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Winda declares an attack, but hasn't entered "battle step" yet. Meanwhile Kingolem says: If a "Triamid" monster you control battles.

When Treacherous Trap Hole was activated, your Triamid monster is not battling yet. Winda was destroyed before even they battled....and we all know that Treacherous can't be activated during battle step
what about hazy support?
<< Anonymous(Liam)
Anonymous Reply
they have xyz monsters so probably soon
<< Anonymous(Konami)
Anonymous Reply
We need more Shiranui support.
<< Anonymous(Liam)
Anonymous Reply
did u mean trash hazy? yes they are useful for lose
konami must hit skilless cheap 🔥 shiranuis already they survived for so long , but doubt it that they will survive after this incoming kc cup
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Solitaire at 3 is a good idea, wont make the core of the deck any weaker but will forbid them from using cosmic cyclone giving opponent higher chance to disrupt their play.
<< Anonymous
Solsaga Reply
Shiranui will always survive 'cos it has a lot of good Zombie-type support cards in the game.
<< Anonymous(Solsaga)
Anonymous Reply
you can 🔥 Shiranui, but can't 🔥 zombie
<< Anonymous(Solsaga)
Anonymous Reply
Zombie supports means nothing if Shiranui's main cards gets a massive hit.
Finally my first kog
Finally kog submitted my stromberg deck
<< Anonymous(Finally my first kog)
Anonymous Reply
Best 10000 gems spent ever
<< Anonymous(Finally my first kog)
Anonymous Reply
It is pretty fun
<< Anonymous(Finally my first kog)
Darkarrow Reply
Same here
<< Anonymous(Darkarrow)
Anonymous Reply
you mean first kog or best gems spent ever?
I was hoping to hit Kog this season, but I'm cooked just got to legend 1 from bronze 1 don't know If I'll have the strength to put up with boring meta decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wanna read something funny? Read what were the meta decks in January then read what are the meta decks today.

This game is in a limbo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I like Limbo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what is limbo dude?

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