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update 28/02/2017
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Flame of The Tyrant is the fourth pack rumored to be released in the game soon. This pack is filled with new monsters than there are spell/trap cards, putting some diversity into the game by adding more FIRE type cards that are quite strong and versatile, also more insect type monsters with high attack that can be summoned easily.

While this pack has good combinations with cards from the pack itself, it also further enhances the usability of older cards making it really good for the old experienced players.

UR/SR cards

Note: Master Craftsman Gamil was replaced with The Shallow Grave when this pack was released.

R cards

N cards

New Playstyles!

Fire combos

With the new The Thing in the Crater and Flame Ruler, you can easily create some combos through special summoning and tribute summoning, most notably, to summon the Infernal Flame Emperor. With just those cards, you can summon a high attack monster that can immediately destroy 2 spell/trap cards in their field.

Faster Summons

With cards like Legion the Fiend Jester, The Agent of Creation - Venus and Pinch Hopper, you can special summon or tribute summon much faster creating more possibilities using stronger high level cards. Not to mention the addition of two more level 4 monsters that can be counted as 2 tributes for FIRE and DARK type monsters.

Putting more thought into your plan of attack

There are some new cards that will make you want to think twice before wanting to attack with your monsters. Cards like The Golden Apples can turn the tide around very quickly by using your monster against you.

Strengthen of Guardian Monster

From the early pack, that contains fraction of guardian monster. Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu can search the equipment spell card from the deck, can be said that this is Spell card search version of “Arsenal Summoner”, and this card’s effect should be handy in the Guardian Monster theme-deck.

Introducing Deck Milling Strategy

Although currently there is not much cards that supports deck destruction strategy, it is recommend for player to combo Warm Worm with resurrection trap card such as “Regretful Rebirth” to maximizing the effect of deck destruction.

New Counter Measure against AI deck

Possessed Dark Soul”, against Standard Duelists Level 27, Brutality Lvl 3. The effect of this card makes the player take control of all the monster on the opponent’s field.


There are some other newer ways that might catch you off guard when you go against them. Cards like Warm Worm will make your opponent run out of cards while Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective can one shot you with either it's pure strength or with Riryoku to deal as good as a direct damage. This can lose you the game pretty quickly without you even knowing it.

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Hot New Top
How is tyrant dragon good?
<< Anonymous
Stoked Reply
lol man you gotta think of the synergy with magic cards! tyrant dragon equipped with "Shooting Star Bow - Ceal" while your opponent has a monster mean that you can attack directly twice for 3800. If you equipped a "dragons treasure" on top of that then its 4400 dmg in one turn making for an instant win.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
It loses 1000 atk inorder to attack directly while equipped with Shooting Star Bow Seal.
<< Anonymous
Stoked Reply
Yep. The math is correct. 2900(OG Att) - 1000(Seal Bow) - 1900 x 2(2 direct attacks) = 3800.
<< Anonymous
Stoked Reply
Typo 2900 - 1000 = 1900 x 2 =3800
That aple will be broken
<< Anonymous(Sanchez)
Chronomalous Reply
It basically recreates the "'Gorz' rule" in Duel Links--players will have to attack with their lower atk monsters first when attacking directly, otherwise the misplay will lead to missed damage and a stopped turn.
<< Anonymous(Sanchez)
Anoymous Reply
Apples are always broken... considering it's a Death God's source of energy (like Ryuk). lol
<< Anonymous(Sanchez)
Anoymous Reply
No Simochi pwns it hard.
<< Anonymous(Sanchez)
Chronomalous Reply
It doesn't make sense to bring Simochi just to counter this one card, and as it stands, there's not a lot of cards to abuse Simochi with currently. (In the main game Simochi is of course a catalyst for OTKs with things like Gift Card.) You also don't want to use a continuous trap to counter a situational card when you only have 3 S/T slots.
"How is tyrant dragon good"

You must be the most idiotic blind s.o.b I've ever heard how is it not good in literally every single way
<< Anonymous(Paradox)
Anoymous Reply
I have to agree with my fellow anonymous. Its double-attack effect only works if your opponent has a monster on the field after its first attack, and in Duel Links its Trap-negation effect only counters Michizure (if your opponent runs something else that would target Tyrant Dragon, you're facing a horrible deck that will lose anyway).
<< Anonymous(Paradox)
Stoked Reply
See my post below for a bit nicer of an answer.
This isnt the next pack.
<< Anonymous(AmatsuTV)
Anoymous Reply
Oh really.
Why I can't use warrior Dai grep her +with a substitute card to fusion?
<< Anonymous(Why)
Anoymous Reply
on the fusion card it states u need exactly those 2 materials cant use sub.
Summoned skull would be way too OP. 2500 for a level 6 is stronger than many current level 7
<< Anonymous
Bryce Reply
*Looks at Wonders of the Sky,* You were saying? ... Tribute decks will never be meta, and even if they were, they are extremely vulnerable to any form of removal.
Add this summoned skull card please
<< Anonymous(Player)
Anoymous Reply
add black skull dragon too xD
Add this card please
<< Anonymous(Player23)
anonymoose Reply
You do realize this is a fan website, not the game developers, right? Spamming pictures of cards you want here won't put them in the game.
Can possessed dark soul be used as a relinquished counter?
<< Anonymous(User)
anonymoose Reply
It will let you take control of Relinquished for a turn. Not strong enough to base a deck around, use as a one-of if Relinquished is really a problem for you.
Please include Amazoness Paladin in this pack
<< Anonymous(Anthony )
Aemin Reply
she would be too strong for this game format.
Do you know how to get Kunai with Chain card?
<< Anonymous(Habibi)
MEME Reply
I know right? it's in the game!
yami bakura is probably next char released with all these fire type cards
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
no? yami bakura Plays fiend monsters

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True, but wouldn't a third dream clown improve the deck's consistency?
Mirror wall, dumbass
Lol they won't even dare to put this in there unless it's limited to 1 card per player,...
Why would you do that? Barrel Dragon is a great card. It's not like it's a harpie lady ...
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