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update 01/09/2017

How to unlock GX World

Now the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX has been released! To unlock and dive into the new world, you have to complete Jaden Yuki unlock missions first. It's not that hard to complete those missions.

How to unlock GX duelists

NameUnlock trigger

Once you reach Stage 8 or above in Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM) World, Jaden Unlock Missions appear.

Aster Unlock Missions appear once you summon DARK-attribute Monster(s) 200 time(s) in total.

Once you reach Stage 6 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (GX) World, Chazz Unlock Missions appear.

Once you reach Stage 11 in Yu-Gi-Oh! (GX) World, Alexis Unlock Missions appear.

Once you achieve "Win a victory 50 time(s) while your deck is 3 or less", Bastion Unlock Missions appear.


What is Yugioh GX?

The second Generation of the YuGiOh series, bringing with it new Characters, new Signature Cards and new Events.

On August 25, Konami made an in game announcement promising "A new World", "New Characters" and "New Missions". Then at Tokyo Game Show 2017 , Yu-Gi-Oh! GX world was confirmed finally.

Leaked cards

Note: All credit regarding this information leak goes to XOF.

Among these, are cards owned by the protagonist Jaden Yuki and other prominent characters such as Aster Phoenix, Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes and Bastion Misawa, meaning that they might be the first unlockable characters once GX is added. The datamine also shows the rarity of some cards and how duelists could get them.

Jaden Yuki

Aster Phoenix

Chazz Princeton

Bastion Misawa

Starter Deck
Water Dragon
Water Dragon


Level Up Reward


DNA Transplant
DNA Transplant



Alexis Rhodes

GX Duelists


The Protagonist of the GX series. Jaden uses an elemental hero deck throughout the series, but later on added neospacians to his deck.

Zane is a powerful duelist from GX series, his deck is themed around Cyber Dragon and it's other forms and fusions, his deck then centered around both Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark later on in the series.

One of Jaden's rivals, Aster uses a Destiny Hero deck which he believes to be superior to Jaden's Elemental Heroes.

Jesse is uses a Gembeast Deck with Raibow Dragon and Gem Beast Ruby Carbuncle as his Ace Cards.

Originally using a VWXYZ deck, Chazz has change his theme to using the Armed Dragon and Ojama monsters.

Uses a Cyber Angel Deck which focuses on ritual summoning her strongest monsters. For a while she also used an ice themed deck that prevents her opponent from attacking.

Uses an Ancient Gear themed deck, it contains many high leveled monsters that have anti-trap effects.

Uses a regular beast-warrior beatdown deck as Atticus, but as nightshroud he uses a Red-eyes deck with his Signature card being Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon.

Uses a DARK attribute deck centered around summoning herself and the other stronger forms of Yubel,then forces you to do battle with her indestructible monsters.

Bastion uses 2 types of decks, one is Magnet Warriors. The other one which he is most famously known for is his Water Dragon deck, uniquely themed around chemical bonds.


Hot New Top
Any word on when the skill levels tips/tricks will be uploaded?
please cards for support insect, thunder deck. Weevil structure deck.
Konami is so lame. why didnt they release duelist on order of experience. when gx released it should have been jaden, cyrus and the fat boy first because well they really are lame and jadens deck is pure anime heart of the cards shit. and then later we could have gotten the cyber dragon guy, the amazoness who beat the bricks off the multiple elements decks. as you can see i dont know any of their names because i havent watched the show since its inception
I'm just wondering if you are going to add Chumley to the game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea I need him for Beast-deck space and skills
for some reason i cant beat the 1st stage of gx. how am i supposed to win a gx duel world duel if there is no other duelist than yuki available on gx portal!?
why are gx stage missions so hard compared to dm
I can't wait to see Sartorius. That reminds me... What about White Chazz and Armed Dragon LV10?
You know it was confirmed that Hassleberry, Sartorius, and Syrus Truesdale are coming to Duel Links.

The proof is in this video:
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I should also mention that it will be sometime in the future. This was confirmed by leaks, not Konami.
It would make my day if we had Zane Truesdale to farm and Rainbow Dragon added to the GX world.
Visit if yah dare you degenerate scum bag!
hi guys,any suggestion for the "achieve 1 comeback victories against chazz princetion using jaden yuki" mission?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Duel him on lvl 10 get your lp lower than his -> next turn defeat him.

Use enraged battle ox+ other beast-warrior monsters + equip cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
defeat him in 1 turn after atacking me?
I wish we could make our own character and learn skills. Some of my favorite decks don't have skills that really work with them.

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