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Espa Roba appeared in the orginal series of Yu-Gi-Oh! He has multiple cameo appearances in Battle City. Esper Roba was later on introduced when he's dueling against Rex Raptor. He uses a dirty trick to win against his opponent's. Claiming to have an ESP, but the truth is he's just using his younger brothers to look at his opponent's hand so he can predict the next move of his opponent.



Espa Roba's deck mainly revolves around Machine type monsters. His signature card Jinzo has a devastating effect that disables any trap cards and it was supported by ESP Amplifier to increase its attack. He also uses Mind Control to gain possession of his opponent's monsters.

Other Duelists

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Note: Zane, Jesse, Atticus, and Yubel are not added to the game yet, but their names were found in the code of the game at least.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (DM)

Note: Zane, Jesse, Atticus, and Yubel are not added to the game yet, but their names were found in the code of the game at least.


Hot New Top
I think Espa Roba is most likely to be the next Bingo Mission character now that Mokuba is in the gate, should Konami decide to continue the feature.
"Bet you wish you had psychic powers like me!!!"
"Bet you had psychic powers like me!!!"
add me 762-883-367, one hand trade and active
Axel and Syrus should fill the last two spots of confirmed duelists.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Have not yet been confirmed
<< Anonymous
Beta Reply
Why would you want Syrus instead of Zane? He's as annoying as Tea.
If Roba will be playable in the future, i hope he get´s a skill called "Brothers Help" or something.

it could work like this "Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. Look at your Opponents Hand."
<< Anonymous(Remo)
Anonymous Reply
LOL!!!!!good idea but to be specific,add one rule, if he faces Mokuba, the skill is negated LOL
Omg I just realized his name is ESP-a rob-a(robber)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In other words esp a robber
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Frauds and thieves aren't the same thing. ;p And his surname's clearly based on "Robot" given his android boss monster and otherwise mechanical-looking monsters.
I belive jinzo will be either duel athon reward or misson reward
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
good no mirror wall or wall of d
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We won't get Jinzo until Espa's unlockable. It's his signature monster, so his Starter Deck will include it. I don't think we'll get multiple copies, but if we do, they'll probably be level rewards for him.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yup, that is what I am thinking. It will arrive only when Espa is available
I belive jinzo will be either duel athon reward or misson reward
Annoy The Most
trying to farm Kaiba, anyone can help with a deck around Invader of Darkness and Wicked Breaking Flamberge-Baou?
I was really hoping this character .. and also jinzo
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
No worries, he will come in Duel Links mid-end november. He will be roaming, so not yet unlockable.
I hope konami will nout release Jinzo card in Box. 3SD+Jinzo+Horus is a nightmare deck...almost total lockdown and totally broken. If they want to release Jinzo, i hope they only release one of a kind.
<< Anonymous(X;D)
Kai Zero Reply
What is 3SD?
<< Anonymous(Kai Zero)
Anonymous Reply
3 star demotion skill
<< Anonymous(X;D)
Anonymous Reply
The problem is 3SD needs to go... Most bonkers abusable skill in the game.
<< Anonymous
Oldtimer Reply
They need at least 3 turns to set that up. (2 if they use double summon)
If they open with horus, you could floodgate him. If they open with Jinzo you could econ take next turn. Not to mention they can only pop the skill once, so those 1000LPs are easy to pick off. I'm not worried at all.

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Ties of the brethren works, but you can't fusion summon Ojama King right after you used it.
YGOwiki This card's design may be inspired by a real man named Filomeno Patacsil, a Hawai...
None. It's just a random card game original monster from the very early days of the franchis...
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