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Selection Box Vol.03
update 01/05/2019

Elemental HERO The Shining

Elemental HERO The Shining
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeFusion / Effect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect / Trigger Effect
ArchetypesElemental HERO / HERO
Supports ArchetypesElemental HERO


1 "Elemental HERO" monster + 1 LIGHT monster

Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. This card gains 300 ATK for each of your banished "Elemental HERO" monsters. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can target up to 2 of your banished "Elemental HERO" monsters; add those targets to your hand.

How to Get

PackLords of Shining [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Boosts own attack.
  • Can retrieve banished Elemental HERO monsters.


  • The second effect only activates when he is sent from the field to graveyard.
  • Attack boost is dependent on banished Elemental HERO monsters.



Summon Elemental HERO The Shining using Fusion Gate or Miracle Fusion banishes the fusion materials you used. This instantly boosts the attack of Elemental HERO The Shining upon summoning, especially if you use 2 Elemental HERO monsters as material.

LIGHT Elemental HERO

Here are some main deck LIGHT attribute Elemental HERO monsters. Elemental HERO Voltic is great in an Elemental HERO banishing deck, like the one you would put Elemental HERO The Shining in, as another banish recovery option.

Elemental HERO Flash

Elemental HERO Flash can banish a lot of Elemental HERO monsters from your graveyard when he is destroyed by battle. This helps boost Elemental HERO The Shining’s attack and gives you more recovery options when Elemental HERO The Shining is destroyed.


Use these cards to banish multiple Elemental HERO monsters and boost Elemental HERO The Shining. Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade works because all Elemental HERO monsters are Warrior-types. Inferno Tempest can be difficult to use but if successful can boost Elemental HERO The Shining’s attack by a lot.




ActionsActivates from your Graveyard / Adds from Banished Zone to hand
Summoning categoriesNomi
Stat changesThis card gains ATK


Hot New Top
Just 🔥ing release absolute zero, all these elemental heros are stupid and trash why they are ur? they don't deserve that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Elemental Heroes are UR because they cover most of Boxes content on shop.

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How is gaining a good amount of ATK and giving you a +2 advantage be considered trash?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
I think it’s because Hero decks don’t mesh too well with banishing monsters other than Miracle Fusion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Them releasing heroes in so many boxes especially miracle fusion in a box on its own is the best example that they are just milking heroes for money.
If you can afford a play set of Miracle Fusion and this, great card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Too many comments from non-Japanese duel links sites and youtube videos lead me to believe otherwise. I just don't like making it sound like nobody else outside of Japan spends on them. I bought the selection box, structure decks, etc. and I am not Japanese.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I never said it's only the Japanese.

I'm just saying that compared to Japanese players, the amount of foreign players who like Heroes is smaller.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That is true. I just feel like others who like them are sort of being forgotten when I only find posts that say "Japanese love heroes". It should be "Lots of players love heroes". And if Konami only wants one or two heroes in a box, it should be every new box so that we can catch up.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
really? would have to try then, I got 2 miracle fusions back in the day
Miracle Fusion it, and it enters the field with 3200 ATK.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Exactly. This card is really good for OTK-based Elemental Hero deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Electrum is 10% winrate or worse. Look for a better fusion omg
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
-Then a reactor dragon with 3300 thanks to crowler skill/beatdown random appear.
-Then yubel is on the field
-Then shi en negated your miracle/return it to the extra deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Electrum is used not for its effect, but its ATK and mainly, to banish 4 Elemental Heroes, which gives The Shining 1200 ATK boost, way over Reactor Dragon's ATK.

And Shi En decks are likely to get majorly hit in the future anyway, while HERO decks, thanks to Japan, is very unlikely to get any major hit.
Elemental hero deck sampah. Support bejibun tapi gaada faedahnya.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tapi banyak yang main versi neos bro dan lumayan kuat
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
E hero tai emang, lemah tanpa suport, butuh kartu bnyk ajg
Usless card gj komoni
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its great with miracle fusion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And fusion gate
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And poly
<< Anonymous
Anoyingmous Reply
Poly is not "great", not even "good", just normal.

As for Fusion Gate, you can use it continuously. Spam the board using fusion gate and 2 material in your hand, Shining will hit the field with 3200 atk because the material will be banished if use Fusion gate. If it is destroyed, the 2 materials returns to hand. Do the same thing with Fusion gate again until no more The Shining.
U can use it with neos alius based hero beatdown but looks like neos fusion deck can do better for now. Lets see when konami releases super polymerization and stratos.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You could use a gemini spark variant with alius
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I mean alius hero beatdown should have gemini spark as a default
is coolfor a blue eyes fusionn deck with the stone and the fusion card for heroes send the stone and then u have this monster and a blue eyes pretty strong imo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you do realize the stone needs to be sent to the graveyardand not banished right? which means this little combo of yours won't work.
Garbag card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bacot anjeng
Soo trashy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
:D and it's UR too
Tammy Marie Lou 29days ago
In MY opinion this is the best f2p deck right now. The only comes close is Vendred with traps. DONT tell me im wrong when i said MY opinion...
The best

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Can this work with toon dark magician ?
Second electro beta when?
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