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Structure Deck EX: Blue-Eyes Evolution
update 01/06/2019

A comment from satankitty:

It's pretty much either burn them out with golem/whistle or otk with the prinzess surprisingly easy to KOG once I decided to use it, I only have 2 birds but 3 is optimal, and i still hardly lost using a 30 card. Wheeler is secret Underground mvp.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Kazz [DDK]Parasite InfestationMay 12



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SpeedermanMay 22

A comment from Speederman:

Info: Used Blue-Eyes Cosmo deck to reach Legend 1, then Blazing Rose got released and switched to Subterrors, where only lost 1 game from Leg 1 to KOG (due to opening a bad hand which rarely happens w this deck).

Able to control the field through flip affects; destroy back row and banish monsters. 3 copies of final battle and nemesis are a must for protection and to get full use of the behemoth effects. Final battle is so versatile and easily the best subterror card. You want to include cards that can flip themselves down, in order to special summon high level behemoth monsters. Right now maiden and golem sentry are easily the best ones due to draw effect and monster removal. Only had 2 copies of maiden, so used Des Lacooda for the "3rd copy". Decided to only use 1 copy of Stalagmo, due to high attack and draw power in the odd case I needed draw power.

But really you can use any other subterror behemoth monster depending on the desired flip effect. Only used 2 copies of behemoth uma due to having 3 copies of golem w a similar effect. 3 copies of behemoth stylo for back row removal came clutch against amazoness or stall decks especially. Always feel safe with Canadia to stop any annoying monster effects and defense from the grave, other techs such as floodgate/world legacy clash/econ or other favourites could easily work instead.

No skill was used bc I was trying to get the "masked tribute" drop skill w Umbra/Lumis which would have made this deck stupid broken (tribute fodder w nemesis to get behemoths out faster), but deck was still crazy powerful without. Mind scan would be nice to see what you are destroying (such as ancient stone of white on opponents turn and risk final battle banish upon opponents end phase). Huge props to Dkayed for archetype breakdown, duel links tips and helping people decide whether to go in or not on certain boxes.

hidden tower

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
hidden towerPrescienceMay 22

A comment from hidden tower:

I was using the masked tribute skill before, but I lost so many kog promos that I decided to simply farm sealed tombs, I didn't get the skill but reached kog without much trouble. It was kinda interesting, because prescience won me many games just knowing what my opponent could do to disrupt my field (AKA Lava Golem). I'm pretty sure that if they nerf masked tribute, it won't be an issue.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
AdmiralDeweyHeavy StarterMay 23

A comment from AdmiralDewey:

This was my KoG, and also the first deck I didn't base off someone elses. It's really easy to put together, as it only requires cards from one box, and no ultra rares at that. You do NEED three 'subterror final battles', though, so you will have to reset once.

You want to use the heavy starter skill to make sure you have a behemoth in your opening hand. Normal summon a monster that can flip itself face down, and then flip it to special summon the behemoth. Flip the behemoth face down, and special summon a second behemoth if you have it in your hand. Set any final battles you have as well. Then just use those flip effects to clear your opponents field, and when it's open finish them off in one attack. any behemoth can have 4000 or more attack when you use final battle on them.

This deck slows down the meta significantly, and pretty much hard counters six sams. It is strong against most other meta decks, but ancient gear eats it for breakfast so just assume your going to lose if you see them.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
TheAlv29Masked TributeMay 23

A comment from TheAlv29:

So, this is the first Time that I get to KOG!
The Deck is easy to use, with the skill you have to send back to the Deck your big Subterrors, but always summon first the level 4 Subterror.

I had problems going against Buster Blader and going against Ancient Gears, because both of them shut down the deck if they get their whole board on.

But overall is a verte Strong deck, with a Strong capacity of comeback!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Sharkfang625Masked TributeMay 27

A comment from Sharkfang625:

17 - 2 run from legend 1

I went from gold 5 to legend 1 without the masked tribute skill(got it on my duel to get legend 1), it is still v good without it but you have a chance to brick. The skill improves consistency to almost 100%. Before legend 1, my deck has one less final battle, 1 less Uma and I had 1 needle ceiling. Needle ceiling is v underrated and has so much potential but traphole is mvp in many match and im glad i included it. Honestly you can tech in cards that you like, at one stage I had a cosmic cyclone for methyphs decks.

Core cards are at least 2 umastryxx, 1 stygo, 3 warrior, and i recommend around 4-5 flip monsters like golem sentry, 4-5 traps to flip your subterrors up (Final battle, desert sunlight). Mahjong maiden isn't as good as people say, sometimes you end up discarding an important card, can defs take it out for another camel.

Game plan is to drop your uma and sty as soon as you can, prefably with a final battle or sunlight to flip up. Masked tribute is a very good turn 1 play with warrior if you dont have a flip monster and subterror in hand to immediately drop the big boys on turn 1.

Big key is knowing when to use warrior. You can use warrior to summon at either players turn, often waiting till they use a card effect on your monsters is the best time to use the effect. Remember you can use final battle at damage step to otk or increase damage, masked tribite also gives an extra 1500 dmg if u missing a bit of dmg to win. NEVER SWING INTO FACEDOWNS, this deck can just banish or destroy with sty there is no need to swing into face down monsters or backrows. Play patiently.

Toughest match up is metaphys, rest of the decks you can handle if you don't get a terrible draw. Brief rundown below for matchups:

  • Ancient Gear- MID can't use final battle during battle, try to set-up uma and final battle asap and banish the dragon during main phase, once dragon is banished you win. They have backrow removal dont set cards without purpose. Traphole helps with keeping dragon down.

  • Amazon/burn - EASY-MID watch for lava golem, play safe try to keep only 1 monsters on board. Go ham with banishing all their monsters, use sty to clear backrow before going in. If u hav a lava golem or parasite on board , nemesis warrior csn use them to special summon so it's actually favorable, just watch your life and swordswoman, they dont have anyth bigger than your subterrors usually.

  • Red-eyes - EASY-MID traphole really shines here locking slash drake down makes this a breeze, even if slash drake has an equip spell, if you flip uma AND CHAIN SUMMON warrior from grave, slash dragon WILL MISS timing and can't negate the banish. Shuts down the deck very well unless you have terrible draws. Don't run many backrows but don't get reckless still.

  • Blue-Eyes - HARD I consider this matchup hard because of BEWD and all their lv5+ monsters can swing over you with beatdown. Even if you banish you will end up losing Uma in the trade. IF you setup your uma and final battle asap you can win by banishing every threat before they can even attack, always try to banish the Spirit of White dont let him resummon it from grave. The attack + defense boost is most useful in this matchup to survive. If you banish all their bewd game is over.

  • Neos fusion- EASY-MID set-up a single uma with back row and nothing else to avoid lava golem. Banishing Neos won't get negated by neos fusion and they cant swing over without using beatdown or tie. Clear backrow and play patiently you win long run. Keep banishing and clearing backrows. If it is a steelswarm variant banish the tuner asap dont let it resummon from graveyard the big steelswarm will return your cards to hand.

  • Six Sam - MID gameplan is to banish any tuner, the sam that return cards to hand and the guy that destroys face-downs when he attacks them. This matchup requires you to setup ASAP to avoid his synchro coming out. If he has the synchro out bait/force out the negate with 2 final battle or desert sunlight and final battle. They cant really swing over you. Try to only keep one monster on field if he has backrow to avoid dual wield.

  • Yubel/phoenix - MID prioritize traphole or banishing any cards that let him destroy cards in his hand. Watch out for their backrows. Once you banish nethys it wont come back on field but you will most likely be losing all your set traps on the same turn. As for dealing with their yubel, banish ultimate nightmare asap if it comes out or your facedowns will all die. Just keep banishing everything and you win lol.

  • Metaphys - HARD i hate this matchup i honestly dont know what the deck does or how it works. Only matchup where i recommend being less patient and kill them asap. Destroy their backrow trap asap the UR trap is op. Sometimes they leave their field wide open, use your masked tribute to get in an extra 1500 dmg, when your guys get banished try to minimise your loss by using warrior to summon something new. Tldr the UR trap is busted just kill asap beforr they setup everything and use your skill to punish any gap you see. RUN COSMIC CYCLONES IF YOU SEEING THEM A LOT

  • Spellbook - MID, pretty annoying but just focus on banishing their monsters. They dont have too many of those. Their spells are recyclable so just focus on monster clearing and protecting your own.

In any matchup, traphole is v relevant and helps you keep their threat locked down.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
NobodyMasked TributeMay 24

Sylvan Neos


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
BroimattiBeatdownMay 14

A comment from Broimatti:

I got the idea of sending A/D changer to the graveyard to flip komushrumo which worked sometimes but then you’re sitting on a 100atk monster in attack position and can’t special summon it away. I started with a different build including 2x marshalleaf, a/d changer and amarylease but then I changed the marshalleafs for 2x rose lover (monster destruction is’t so important because the deck can swarm heavily and with beatdown can get over anything), therefore I was able to change amaryleases for 1 dark core (vs neos and fuma protected 6sam) and 1 tribute to the doomed (vs face down sazank or other flip monsters) which both came in very handy for dropping rose lover/carrot/spore or even an unused neos fusion to the graveyard.

Lastly I threw the a/d changer away because it’s better to send rose lover/carrot/spore to the grave with neos fusion, even if you can’t special summon them this turn but you’re very likely to survive a turn because of neos’ protection and then swarm the following turn – I switched it for a jinzo because I hated the weevil matchup.

Every duel is different and relies much on thinking and using the plants in the graveyard and the extra deck. Try to get out Neos asap with sending either rose lover or carrot (when you have rose lover in your hand) or spore to the grave for the next turn.

The main strategy next turn is first destroying backrow with komushrumo mills and/or monsters with dark core/tribute to the doomed, then swarm with neos, special summons from the grave, tribute summons and then beatdown OTK. With spore synchro summoning becomes very easy (even though stardust which is needed for the yubel matchup is harder to summon without marshalleaf). Armades vs facedowns, HTSL for various kinds of effective monster removing (banishing), stardust for yubel and giganticastle for beatdown strategy.

Many people seem to have forgotten rose lover summoned monsters’ trap immunity which lets me freely use hermitree/guardianoaks milling (hope to mill komushrumoo for backrow destruction). It’s important to note each spore card can only be special summoned 1 time from the grave which makes it important to send it back to the deck with guardianoak if you want to synchro summon two times. Hermitree’s draw effect gives card advantage. Carrot’s special summon from the grave lets you tribute summon jinzo/guardianoak while also sending a rose lover or spore or even fuel for spore to the graveyard. It’s not hard to summon e.g. Brave Neos, Giganticastle and Hermitree in just one turn!

Now for the matchups. 6Sam: Easy. They can’t handle multiple high atk monsters in one turn, rose lover stuns dual wield. Enishi can be tough though. AG: Easy. Stall with neos (neos fusion’s protection is immune to reactor dragon) until you have enough resources to swarm the field, then beatdown otk. Blue eyes: Hard. The deck has no outs to ancient stone’s graveyard effect and the deck can even heavier swarm than mine. Try to get out giganticastle asap (esp if they aren’t using beatdown aswell). Stall: Hard. Be aware of lava golem, swordswoman, the monster which can’t be destroyed by monsters above 1900 atk (carrot comes in handy there) and you’re not likely destroying their whole backrow just with komushrumo mills in one turn. Rely on armades and a rose lover summoned hermitree/guardianoak and hope they don’t answer with lava golem. Red eyes: Can’t say because the deck is very new and I haven’t faced many decks and most of them were using different strategies.

But I think they have not many answers to a deck full of high atk monsters. Yubel: Hard. Try to get out Stardust asap which is not so easy with this build without marshalleaf (only ways possible is brave neos + spore from hand or guardianoak + spore banishing rose lover from the graveyard) otherwise you’ll lose. HTSL, dark core and tribute would also be a way out but are very resource demanding. Neos: Can be hard. Always have in mind they are most likely using bacon saver and sphere ebola which you aren’t so getting rid of an opponent’s neos can be hard. Koaki (Ice) can clear your whole board in one turn, steelswarms destroy your monsters. Try to swarm and beatdown otk, if you don’t win fast you’ll probably loose.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Vertrðfurr+It's a Toon WorldMay 20

A comment from Vertrðfurr+:

With Red-Eyes running wild, we aren't seeing too many traps being played, except with Weevil stall decks; this gives Toons an advantage, since they completely ignore monsters and go for direct attacks.

Bricking is the deck's worst enemy, followed by heavy backrow decks. Though you can get around backrow, while bricking usually means a loss. It's possible to tech in other cards like Lava Golem, or add more traps like Floodgate and Canadia. It all depends on what type of duel pace you prefer.

This was reached BEFORE the Blazing Rose box came out. The new Black Stone of Legend card will make Toons a lot more consistent, really looking forward to it!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JewcyFruitIt's a Toon WorldMay 27

A comment from JewcyFruit:

Would probably switch red eyes baby for another black stone. Rng hates me



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DrHeisenbergBeatdownMay 20

A comment from DrHeisenberg:

I used an U.A. Deck, Skill is Beatdown. With Odeon‘s new card, Statue of Anguish Pattern, U.A. got new support which makes this archetype competitive again. Tripple Floodgate / Canadia are mandatory. Stall until you bring out Mighty Slugger, then beat until you win.

Vylon Anti Meta

André Rafael

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
André RafaelLabyrinth BuilderMay 10

A comment from André Rafael:

The Vylon Epsilon is a very good boss. He cannot targeted and equipped with the Power of the Guardians, he is immortal. Only Enemy Controller can stop him. This deck is weak against Yubel.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Elvis_tfxLabyrinth BuilderMay 25

Yubel Fire King


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Serpentine3My Name is YubelMay 11

A comment from Serpertine3:

After the first week of chaos, the Legend climb simmered down. This decklist is the same I used for the last season, although I switched out Curse of Anubis for Soul Release. I played around with using Straight Flush for any Amazoness I might run into but found it was not consistent against most other decks.

Soul Release did help a lot with the Neos Engines as I could banish anything they had sent to the grave for the summon (the card doesn't require you to banish 5 cards in total)

The main problem I faced was Snipe Hunter, with Blue-Eyes sending all cards in their hand to get rid of my field, but otherwise most match-ups were fair.

Using this deck, keeping Terror Incarnate in Defense Position prevented cards that negate effects from being problematic or if you don't know what the opponent is playing yet. With Stardust on the field, Ultimate Nightmare should be kept in Defense Position, but otherwise, even if Ultimate Nightmare has its effect negated, being in Attack Position allows its effect to go off when destroyed, possibly dealing massive damage to both players.

King of Games Log


Hot New Top
If you're in legend, what rank do you fall back down to after season is over? Platinum or gold?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
straight to silver
Valiant Souls
Lol this is by far the best meta we've had. I'm seeing a lot of different decks lately: Subterrors, Metaphys, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Koa'ki Meiru, buster blader, amazoness, U.A. and even fur hires. The game has improved a lot.

Btw, Amano Iwato is already meta (successfully counters everything) and that card is from an event.
<< Anonymous(Valiant Souls)
Anonymous Reply
Gotta agree with this guy, Amano is really awesome.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
With Amano in the game, I think we can start getting more hand traps in now- I’m personally really hoping for Effect Veiler
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You guys are forgetting Triamids. They’re already META and they are easy to get ;)
Evan Walsh
Remember when they said Cosmo Brain was going to be limited? it's been almost a year since the White Dragon of Legend was put for sale. NO limits at all LOL !

And taht's not all, I bet Metaphys, Subterrors and specially Samurais will be playable after 1 year. Screw all the haters, Duel Links is awesome.
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
Must agree with this guy. Even silent magician is playable right now, it actually won one of Duel Links Meta's tournaments not so long ago.
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
NO limits coming. That's what I think
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Forever Unlimited Reply
I think you should say:
"That's a given"
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
Cosmo Brain is a forever meta card.
when will they gimme a Dream ticket again?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
next years
This particular build is doing great for me, although many folks don't agree with playing superbia but it came in clutch too many times, 3 Ukobacks was giving me a weak start and combos so I cut it down to 2.
not sure if 2 Amduscs are optimal but it's really good to get contact or morning star from grave as it represents the only pseudo searcher for contact and morning star.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck is really good but you need to be kinda skilled and brainy, otherwise any deck will beat you...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd personally go with 1 less Nasten and tech in a generic backrow card, like a monster removal or Cosmic Cyclone, or Canadia/Floodgate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ever tried to play WDOR + Power of the Tributed with this deck?
<< Anonymous
Batoy Reply
Yeah. Need to be brainy in playing Darklord deck
three diffrent archtypes in one deck? wtf happened to this people?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"hopeless" attempt to make something unique (looks interesting)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is not unique
Meet this 🔥 a lot on the ladder and it is work, tier 1
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ironically, combining decks like this is actually the game's intention in the beginning. One of those notes for beginners from way back then during the game's early years stated that you should combine cards to create your own unique deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*and by "the game", I meant Yugioh as a whole, mainly the OCG/TCG.
So even the pros are saying "neo fusion is broken AF" Does this mean it gets nerfed ever?
Is it still worth investing in a Blue-Eyes deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this deck didn't work for me
<< Anonymous
Silent Reply
I play snipe hunter and 3x Cosmo.. just added vermillion dragon mech in extra.. how u got original Blue eyes artwork though?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 Enemy Controller is better..than 2 TTH on my opinion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
cool deck but 2 treacherous is very bad ?
<< Anonymous
Silent Reply
2 adds consistency and people usually banish backrow now so u can use 2nd as well snipe hunter can discard 2 is really good
There is a bug i can't claim Jaden's new Skill Neo Space from my inventory.

Anyone have this too?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pLeAsE cLaIm ThEm InDiViDuAlLy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Claim the skill by using Jaden character
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Receive all*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try Choose Jaden to claim this skill
Is Duel Links copy-paste decks?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
duel links is very simple, buy random packs then if you keep losing simply blame meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Six sam road to wcs

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Great support.....for a sadly meh archetype.
Yeah, hilariously enough it's the better Xyz for BE compared to that Rank 8 on Selection Box...
like what broken?? you can literally field your field with dark magician or blue eyes dragons cus...
this card is broken af. combine with magicians wand and navigation, boom, you win. but ofc konami...
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