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Structure Deck EX: Gladiator's Storm
update 01/06/2019

Fur Hire


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FuyukazeThe Tie that BindsMay 24

A comment from Fuyukaze:

Just a pretty standard Fur Hire Deck, with staple cards like Drowning and Wall of Disruption serving as protection and Xing Zhen Hu against Backrow Heavy Decks. Overall, did just fine in the ladder primarily because WoD and DMF are such good counters to Blue-Eyes and Neos.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
WayoneKaibaCorp BlingMay 14

A comment from Wayone:

First of all: Just one prismatic grass and this is all what you need.
Gem-Knight kog guys, mainly combos of this deck are lazuli burn and boss monters beatdown, since meta get rid of either canadia or floods (because they are not too effective against both neos and blue eyes decks) this deck growed too, just one neos here because this deck abuses a lot from extra deck, neos can send any monster you want and most of time you will send a bacon saver to put a barrier against your opponents, drownings, wall of d and floodgates to make stall a little to make possible your combos will happen.
The best card you want to pick is the grass, why just one here? because it's the only prismatic of the deck and it's searchable by kaibacorp bling skill, you don't need more than one giving you more cards to put instead of two more grass dead cards, sending lapis lazuli will be your best combo giving us acess to recover normal monsters which will be the toolbox for the mainly combo spamming the most fusions you want.
Worst deck to play against are Ancient Gears since they can pop your backrow and destroy them, but didn't lose to them.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
pharmacistReinforcementMay 14

A comment from pharmacist:
This season I used six Sams from Plat 4 to legend 2 then switched to lavals,because I faced a lot of stall decks.
The strategy is simple just fill the graveyard with lavals then blow up opponent's feild with dust flame and take a hit to trigger the skill then synchro summon the immune laval cannon.
It is important to flood gate and canad brave neos so it cannot be protected by the spell card neos fusion.
Stall,burn and amazoness match up is easy but beware from lava golem and play carefully.
Level five laval monster was crucial in certain matches to swarm the field for OTK or to tribute lava golem.
I needed just 31 matches to hit KOG which is the best in my career in 2 years in duel links.
Extra deck: stardust for Yubel ( never faced one) Armades, Celestial ( just for tasting)

Dmitri N.

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Dmitri N.ReinforcementMay 25

Masked Fusion

Devyn Ferman

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Devyn FermanSwitcherooMay 21

A comment from Devyn Ferman:

Nothing terribly confusing here. It's the tried and true masked heros with a little bit of Neos fusion to spice it up. Sazank is a very meta card right now and works very well in the deck but isn't required. You'll definitely need some backrow removal whether it be galaxies or a couple cosmics. I only chose cosmic cyclone because it allowed me to activate switcheroo and remove a Neos or some dead card from my hand.

Masked HERO


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
InFeRnO9Destiny CallingMay 27

A comment from InFeRnO9:

Since there are many high level boss monsters in this meta, Decider is a great stall enough to get some cards for counterplay. I switched offerings to the doomed for forbidden chalice for red eyes slash if it doesn't have an equip and against subterrors to cancel their flip effects. And when everything fails, I used forbidden chalice to finish duels activating it in damage step of ankis direct attack.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
EduRibeiroGritMay 26

A comment from EduRibeiro:

This deck is slow and has to have the patience to perform the combos. always in the phase of support of his or of the adversary to the monsters apply their effects therefore very careful not to die.

Ability grit, I used it instead of sealed or aggressive graves because this deck has no defense so we do not want to take OTK, it all depends on the hand that comes. You'll want to get started with Metaphys Dimension, Asymmetaphys, Aloof Lupine or Gold Sarcophagus
and any metaphysical monster to banish better Nephthys or Daedalus. I'll talk about some decks I've played against.

  • Koaki: Difficult, destroys spells and traps and monsters only save them.
  • Mechanism: difficult, breaks spells and traps are only saved.
  • Red yes: difficult, immune to target only Daedalus saves
  • Neos fusion: medium, tyrant dragon Daedalus and dimension saves.
  • Six samurai: medium, dimension Metaphys tyrant dragon, and Daedalus save.
  • Spellbook: easy because fate does not hurt this deck is only help.
  • Amazon: easy, ineffective Amazoness trap, Nephthys, dimension, tyrant and Daedalus steps.
  • Burn: Easy, wash golem or traps with no chance, dimension, Nephthys and Tyrant steps.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SilverchairDraw Sense: Spell/TrapMay 26

A comment from Silverchair:

I got king of Games with Metaphyse using lumis and umbra. The skill wasn’t relevant I only used it because it’s all I had for that character while I was farming his skill.

What’s different about this build is I played assailant which was great because of several reasons.

  1. In terms of card advantage banishing something from the top of the deck is better than banishing from the hand with aloof lupine. It makes the trap affect better because if you banish a metaphyse like tyrant that you can’t use, Then when your opponent specials you can use the trap affect to get a big monster.

  2. Also when I was just playing lupine a lot of times I might not have a metaphyse in hand to banish or I’d have to choose to use the spell to draw or lupine to have more control on what I banish. It was almost always better to use the spell and then set the assailant.

  3. As the game progresses you end up with more metaphyse in deck so your odds increase of banishing so assailant only gets better.

  4. The 800 burn is actually legit. And being able to set a monster when your hand opens slow lets you keep from dying. Another interesting thing is 1500 atk of assailant 1700 atk from lupine and 800 burn is exact game.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
DeydrahBeatdownMay 27

A comment from Deydrah:

Note: I used a budget version of Metaphys. If you have access to "Gold "Sarcophagus" replace it by Sphere and "World Legacy Clash".
"World Legacy Clash" is a really good card that can trigger "Metaphys Dimension" during your opponent turn if you don't have Daedalus banned.
Against Six Sams, try to send 2 Nephthys in the banished zone to add 2 "Asymmetaphys" because of Shi En.
2 Attachments


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
|LDL|_HellParasite InfestationMay 28

A comment from |LDL|_Hell:

My kog deck is Metaphys. I used one copy Fortress Warrior because this deck is very vulnerable and he survive AG otk. I dont had more sarcophagus, then i put two enemy control as replace.

The skill is optional, i used too beatdown sometimes. The power of deck is to control the field.

Monarch Control


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
✿ SHIVA ✿BeatdownMay 22

A comment from ✿ SHIVA ✿:

Beatdown to match and get over 3000. I feel the two Jinzo's are more than enough for backrow as I kept bricking sometimes with Mobius in the hand.

3 x Zaborg is really strong in the current meta. Destroys monsters and can get rid of annoying Parasite or Lava Golems as fodder. Swap Frog (returning Zaborg to my hand) was really handy in setting up the Treeborn Frog engine as well as allowing me to use Zaborg 6+ times in a duel with the help of Treeborn.

Neos to send Treeborn or Bacon saver to the grave. 3 x Sphere Kuriboh was clutch in many games!

Neos Fusion

RCF • Dieded

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
RCF • DiededDestiny DrawMay 1

A comment from RCF • Dieded:

This deck is so versatile, that I can do just stall burn or agro OTK deck in just few games


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
gmo92683Destiny DrawMay 28

A comment from gmo92683:

Super versatile. Lava Golem vs any deck that summons lots of monsters. Assailant and Sazank cover most KOG decks. Cosmic Cyclone helps with getting Destiny Draw. Miracle fusion to pull out Elemental Hero Core, but it's hard to summon because you pretty much need to use Neos Fusion 2 times. You pretty much want Neos Fusion at the start, bacon saver and Neos Fusion in the graveyard allow you keep the monster on the field and plan your counter attack. It is possible to brick on turn one with Elemental Hero Neos, Jinzo, and Lava Golem. Ancient Gears is the worst matchup.

Nephthys Yubel


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LushMy Name is YubelMay 14

A comment from Lush:

Had to showout with Yubel this season of course. Many current decks have to get creative with handling her and not a lot can take a board wipe so easy either. I consider this a 'budget' deck since no pack resets were used.

Problem Cards:
ECON- Usually people use it to take control of terror incarnate and go for an otk, or use it for tribute material hence the sphere kuriboh to protect yourself.
Canadia- The idea is that use it for put terror incarnate to face down prevent the wipe, and if terror incarnate is destroyed face down it won't be able to pull out ultimate nightmare.
TT Hole- Used for shenanigans to try and miss timing, if the opponent can't pull it off right then you get an ultimate nightmare out on the field.

vs Neos- Neos fusion is a huge weirdo as people splash it to just about everything. Now brave neos himself can't do anything about yubel but if he attacks a face down yashka DON'T destroy yubel, it'll miss timing. Now if it's a 'pure' neos then the best they can use it glow moss or dark panther to get rid of terror incarnate but then have to take a 2500 burn from ultimate nightmare next turn. Overall you never know what to expect but the average neos fusion has to get creative with yubel.
vs Six Samurai- Oh getting rid of yubel entirely is one hell of a challenge for them. Now unless they summon Armades, they can't do much if yashka destroys yubel. With only terror incarnate out they can't duel wield it away. What the normally do is Enishi and bounce terror incarnate but that's a new ultimate nightmare they need to deal with and with the terror incarnate back in my hand I can just use my skill to set up yubel again. Also Enishi runs out of ammo quick since they use Fuma to protect Shi En all the time but that only works if he's the only monster getting destroyed. A way to miss timing is from having a phoenix coming back from the graveyard and then duel wielding as a response to it's effect. Overall Six Sams really needs to get their chains right to get something done and most of the time they don't.
Geartown- If you get terror incarnate out it's an insta-win. If they carry ECON then maybe they can do something but nothing in the AG arsenal can take of terror incarnate. Now it will be tricky since you can't use yashka but if you manage to get terror incarante out there's little to anything they can do about it. Or if you can't get it out then you can get otk'ed.
Darklords- They can only uses Nasten and send back the sanctified darklord to handle yubel but you still get ultimate nightmare from it. Now if they try that with ultimate nightmare the effect pulls off in the graveyard and they'll take the burn and monster destroy. Also since the main monster they're trying to get rid of has 0 attack then they gain no lifepointing out of it. Really they can't do much without taking a huge chunk of their lp in the process which makes it easier for the phoenix to destroy, but they may use them for lifepoints so it can get a lil stall.
Koa'ki Meiru- Koa'ki Ice can get rid of yubel very easily. Honestly if you have no kuriboh that can lose you he game by itself. You have to set up before they do and try to get both phoenixs on the field as soon as you can.
Amazoness- One phoenix backrow wipe and you win. With onslaught removed they can't do anything at all to handle yubel. Also with onslaught, attacking terror incarnate triggers the burn but not with ultimate nightmare.
Blue Eyes- Now the blue eyes cards can't do anything against yubel. Their plan is either to use ECON & otk or use sniper hunter and get lucky. Now they tend to run only on sniper hunter so setting up should be easy and yashka can be used very easily here.
Steelswarm- Girastag & Moth can get rid of terror incarnate once and that's it. Neos makes no difference, its that have a slow & clunky remove and given the lack of backrow they run they never chain it to anything and it stuck with huge burn next turn.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
mochorman96My Name is YubelMay 19

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Zero_LexusMy Name is YubelMay 20
Str8HardcoreMy Name is YubelMay 27
OlegodMy Name is YubelMay 28

Noble Knight


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
@delson182Sealed TombsMay 11

A comment from @delson182:

Noble Knight have been in the game for awhile so I don't think I need to explain its mechanics, there are only two cards here from the new box Lord of Shining: Noble Knight Brothers and Gwenhwyfar. Use Knight Brothers when you need special summon NK monsters from your hand or to recycle NK cards from the graveyard. You can also use Borz's effect to put Gwenhwyfar on the graveyard or your hand, which is great.

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
HinokiThe Tie that BindsMay 25

Red-Eyes Fusion


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Linu11BeatdownMay 14


Hot New Top
If you're in legend, what rank do you fall back down to after season is over? Platinum or gold?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
straight to silver
Valiant Souls
Lol this is by far the best meta we've had. I'm seeing a lot of different decks lately: Subterrors, Metaphys, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Koa'ki Meiru, buster blader, amazoness, U.A. and even fur hires. The game has improved a lot.

Btw, Amano Iwato is already meta (successfully counters everything) and that card is from an event.
<< Anonymous(Valiant Souls)
Anonymous Reply
Gotta agree with this guy, Amano is really awesome.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
With Amano in the game, I think we can start getting more hand traps in now- I’m personally really hoping for Effect Veiler
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You guys are forgetting Triamids. They’re already META and they are easy to get ;)
Evan Walsh
Remember when they said Cosmo Brain was going to be limited? it's been almost a year since the White Dragon of Legend was put for sale. NO limits at all LOL !

And taht's not all, I bet Metaphys, Subterrors and specially Samurais will be playable after 1 year. Screw all the haters, Duel Links is awesome.
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
Must agree with this guy. Even silent magician is playable right now, it actually won one of Duel Links Meta's tournaments not so long ago.
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
NO limits coming. That's what I think
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Forever Unlimited Reply
I think you should say:
"That's a given"
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
Cosmo Brain is a forever meta card.
when will they gimme a Dream ticket again?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
next years
This particular build is doing great for me, although many folks don't agree with playing superbia but it came in clutch too many times, 3 Ukobacks was giving me a weak start and combos so I cut it down to 2.
not sure if 2 Amduscs are optimal but it's really good to get contact or morning star from grave as it represents the only pseudo searcher for contact and morning star.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck is really good but you need to be kinda skilled and brainy, otherwise any deck will beat you...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd personally go with 1 less Nasten and tech in a generic backrow card, like a monster removal or Cosmic Cyclone, or Canadia/Floodgate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ever tried to play WDOR + Power of the Tributed with this deck?
<< Anonymous
Batoy Reply
Yeah. Need to be brainy in playing Darklord deck
three diffrent archtypes in one deck? wtf happened to this people?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"hopeless" attempt to make something unique (looks interesting)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is not unique
Meet this 🔥 a lot on the ladder and it is work, tier 1
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ironically, combining decks like this is actually the game's intention in the beginning. One of those notes for beginners from way back then during the game's early years stated that you should combine cards to create your own unique deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*and by "the game", I meant Yugioh as a whole, mainly the OCG/TCG.
So even the pros are saying "neo fusion is broken AF" Does this mean it gets nerfed ever?
Is it still worth investing in a Blue-Eyes deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this deck didn't work for me
<< Anonymous
Silent Reply
I play snipe hunter and 3x Cosmo.. just added vermillion dragon mech in extra.. how u got original Blue eyes artwork though?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 Enemy Controller is better..than 2 TTH on my opinion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
cool deck but 2 treacherous is very bad ?
<< Anonymous
Silent Reply
2 adds consistency and people usually banish backrow now so u can use 2nd as well snipe hunter can discard 2 is really good
There is a bug i can't claim Jaden's new Skill Neo Space from my inventory.

Anyone have this too?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pLeAsE cLaIm ThEm InDiViDuAlLy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Claim the skill by using Jaden character
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Receive all*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try Choose Jaden to claim this skill
Is Duel Links copy-paste decks?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
duel links is very simple, buy random packs then if you keep losing simply blame meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Six sam road to wcs

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