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update 01/06/2019
IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
GallowsBeatdownMay 4


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ChanceBeatdownMay 6

A comment from Chance:

The White Stone of Ancients is the support I never knew I needed it’s amazing lol Combo it with Cosmo and the Blue eyes cards for great results not cheap at all.

Luckily I got the white stone with my first 10 packs then reset and kept going at it with gems until I got three copies relatively quick and went from legend to KOG in about a day use Snipe hunter to deal with threats like yubel by discarding blue eyes and if you already have a white stone in the gy you can activate its effect when needed to add another blue eyes to your hand, it’s not a deck for beginners, but in the right hands it’s lethal and the rest is the basic blue eyes beatdown idea of overpowering your opponent but with more tuners


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
FelixKyokoroBeatdownMay 7

A comment from FelixKyokoro:

Additional Notes: Got KoG pretty fast, this deck counters everything on the tier list (even Six sams, surprisingly), Dawn Knight is a 4th Stone of the ancients when is set destroyed, it struggles against Nephthys Yubel (only when there are both Celurian and Yubel on the field, Yubel alone is manageable with Stardust) but you can outsmart them with some E-con plays (Yubel + Blue eyes + Beatdown= 4200 Damage, and the Celurian it's not revived yet).

Sen Wukong

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Sen WukongBeatdownMay 8

A comment from Sen Wukong:

This is my fastest KOG, Blue-eyes ft. Maximus & ice is so freaking explosive. It took me only 58 wins from gold rank 1 to KoG. If you start with either ancient stone AND/OR diamond core it may bring you to fast winning even OTK

KK meiru ice was my MVP so many times against annoying Neos, yubel or even six sams by discarding ancient stone, or Dragon spirit of White / BEWD and bring them back by using Silver's cry

Against weevil's you just have to be patient, clear their backrows by synchro summoning azure-eyes to spamming DSoW also you can use maximus to pop their backrows and go for lethal. Only Bring Maximus if you are very sure to finish your game.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)BeatdownMay 24


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Mert1337BeatdownMay 27

Other KOG Players

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UX•ZanuxafBeatdownMay 9
TrampaslocasBeatdownMay 13
KaldurAhmBeatdownMay 14
Blackwing_10BeatdownMay 17
CrithionBeatdownMay 17
HuyVanBeatdownMay 18



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SpiidoLight and DarkMay 20

A comment from Spiido:

The ideal hand would be to start with Neos Fusion and Bujin (preferably Yamato) for you to control the cards that will be in the graveyard. The rest of the essence of the deck works with the Bujin and Bujingi synergies. Using the skill wisely is critical for you to be offensive and defensive in trading one of the Bujin for Pitch Black Warwolf and vice versa.

Special details to:

  • Sinyou and Crane are brutal because their effects are activated in the Damage Step that can be useful when dealing with Disruption Wall.

  • Quilin is the most important card and must be used to destroy important cards of the opponent.

  • Burial from a Different Dimension is the recharge to reuse your Bujingi.

  • Speaking again Pitch Black Warwolf, he acts like a pseudo "Ancient Gear" where the opponent is forced to activate some trap. If in case the Battle Phase begins I recommend that he be the last to attack.

  • Lava Golem is a feature to break the opponent's field but do so with some prepared defensive measure.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
aJunkYardDogTitan ShowdownMay 28

A comment from aJunkYardDog:

Solemn Scolding with Titan Showdown is great. A lot of people don’t pay attention to when the game announces the skill you are using. Solemn Scolding negates one spell card, trap card or monster effect for the price of 3000LP. It is the only set spell/trap card in the deck. Yamato filters out the deck to get Bujingi crane into your hand and mill Sinyou or Turtle into the graveyard. With 1000LP left, and Titan Showdown ready to warm you double damage, wait for an attack from your opponent on Yamato or Mikazuchi, or attack if you have fire formation gyokkou trapping their backfield. Gyokkou also boosts Yamato and Minazuchi’s attack. Be careful of the Bujin attack power, meaning don’t attack directly if Mikazuchi has 2000ATK from Gyokkou because Titan Showdown can really backfire.

Neos puts selected Bujingi cards into the grave. Be careful with Neos Fusion when playing a burn deck. Yamato and Mikazuchi need to be on the field so two monsters on the field after using solemn scolding really risks lava golem winning.

Buster Blader DNA Surgery


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ɯɐɹᴉʞDestiny DrawMay 14

A comment from ɯɐɹᴉʞ:

Notes: Red eyes fusion and red eyes insight granting immense deck-thinning abilities, paired with red-eyes slash's semi-reliable ability to "recruit" buster blader make buster bladers more consistent and reliable than ever. The downside would be that you really don't have space for dark paladin now.

Noah D.

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Noah D.Parasite InfestationMay 16

A comment from Noah D.:

Gold to Platinum...
Initially I used Kaiba's balance from Gold to Platinum with a decklist similar to this one, but without the Red-Eye cards, instead, I used 2 dimensional prison trap cards and a Lava Golem.

Platinum to Legend...
It was difficult climbing from Platinum to Legend, because of Weevil stall burn decks I constantly encounter during the climb. Regardless if I get to draw the best 4 cards when I go first or the perfect combination of 5 cards when I go second, I still always end up losing after I get to summon the paracide and my monsters get to become a tribute to their Lava golems.

I can pretty much win 75% of the time with any type of deck, but Weevil with Amazoness combined deck plus Lava. On top of that, I get to face against them 50% of the time which makes me unluckily lose without a decent fight.

Remembering the principle of my card itself that inorder to defeat the Dragons, you must become a Dragon yourself.., I decided to use Weevil's paracite infestation to counter Weevil and from then on was able to win 50/50. However, this isn't enough to get me to a Legend rank.

I started dropping other Trap Cards and just keep 3 DNA surgeries and 1 Treacherous Trap Hole to be able to optimally use TTH since it requires no other Traps in the graveyard for its activation. To anti against Six Sams, I added 2 Cipher Soldiers. I keep winning against Six Sams if they don't get to draw their dual wield early. I also win 80% of the time against any Kaiba dragon type decks.

Even facing the same Buster Blader allows me to win 90% of the time, because of my paracide. In addition to this, a new Red-Eye structured deck has been released for a very cheap price. That's how I built the deck that got me to KOG. I added the Red-eye cards plus the insight then later dropped insight because it easily becomes a dead card. This deck easily got me to the Legend rank.

Legend to KOG...
This is actually the easiest climb I made which I did not expect. I struggled a few times for the past seasons only reaching Platinum 5 at my best. Probably this has something to do as well with the deck since I originally used and mastered AG previously and then this time, it allowed me to counter AG using Red-Eye Buster Paracide deck as I call it. I mainly trust my Buster's archetype, but I added Red-Eye fusion to compensate what I luck with whelp and destruction fusion since I only have two copies of each and it isn't enough.

Six Sams becomes very easy for me to defeat as well because of Red-Eyes Slash Dragon. On top of this, the dragon can pretty much negate a trap/spell card by sending its equipped monster to the graveyard. Also, my Dark Paladin or Buster Blader regular monsters could already gain significant Attack damage, because of the Dragon on the field and on the graveyard.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
isjor1Destiny DrawMay 18

A comment from isjor1:

With all the red-eyes being played in the legends it was easy to get to kog. For those matches I used Jinzo as an extra layer of protection seeing as it would stop red-eyes archfiend from being revived. DNA surgery turns all monsters into dragons and with the buster bladder dragon destroyer you can negate all monsters which can help you against every deck in the current meta. Even in mirror matches you just need to summon dragon destroyer after your opponent summons theirs.

Cyberdark Neos


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
XxShinxXParasite InfestationMay 12

A comment from XxShinxX:
Burn with lava golem and parasite then chip away the lp with cyber dark egde and cannon tank with neos and takle warrior and piggy = win

Ps: just need leng ling and deck is complete


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
SuedePowerBeatdownMay 31

A comment from SuedePower:

This has been a rough path to reach Kog. Many red eyes, Blue eyes, toon and subterror players, the key in this deck is having in the GY Bacon saver, Neos fusion and Leng Ling in orden to save your monsters and destroy your opponent. Be smart, attack in the right moment.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Leeroy8138Parasite InfestationMay 31

A comment from Leeroy8138:

So this was a last minute win but hey I'm here.

Cyberdark is the best way to fly over the subterrors currently on top of the meta. Neos is for dumping either bacon saver for future use, or Leng Ling for mass damage, with the possibility to otk. Parasite is still a rather dickish skill. Opens up for lava golem plays as well as messing with opponent draws.

Backrow removal is for specifically that, making sure that opponent backrow isn't in the way of your attacks. Also Pulse Mines are a godsend when used correctly.

This deck has a decent matchup with most decks that aren't blue eyes or ancient gear, for the reasons that the former swarms 3k beaters and the later negates your battle and hand traps.

Overall, this deck can fight most things as long as it doesn't brick, but if it does, prepare to stall for a turn or two until you can make a play.



IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
LeeenyBeatdownMay 18

Koa'ki Meiru


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
UX•A1iusKaibacorp BlingMay 2

A comment from UX•A1ius:

Hit day 1 KoG with just 42 games. I start this deck from Legend 1 and got streak 13 win/100% win till KoG. Very offensive deck (destructive koaki + beater control Neos) and a bit card staple againts current meta


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
ArequeroSpell SpecialistMay 4

A comment from Arequero:

The deck gives you many power plays to do and the skill spell specialist gives you higher chances of starting with spells in your hand which is great since Neos Fusion and Diamond Core of Koaki´Meiru are your starters.

While you could substitue Spell Specialist for Destiny Draw if you don´t have it, the deck works best with SS, since your main plays come from NS and DCoKM (as stated in the parahraph before).

Sazank is great to take out Shi En´s or amazoness Queen and a good turn 1 pass. It can be changed for a 2nd ice/wall/sandman

Rooklord is great against stall, if your oponent canadia/floodgates any koaki and ignores it, you can tribute it next turn to destroy 2 cards (it is also a warrior for Brave Neos, but that never came into play)

The rest is a standard koaki engine so i won´t go into much detail. Remember to SS maximus/ another koaki with Urnkight eff before using Neos Fusion since it locks you from SS the rest of the turn.

The Neos package is 1 vanilla neos, 1 bacon saver (fooder for the spell and the ability to negate 1 attack is HUGE and something that many opponents will forget that you have in the graveyard) 3 Neos fusion and 1 Miracle contact (better than a 2nd vanilla Neos and it also another spell for spell Specialist).

Cosmic cyclone is very good even as a 1 off, against stall banish Onslought and you have the upperhand. If you are not playing against a backrow heavy deck it is fooder for ice.


Six Samx: The neos engine, Ice and Maximus makes this match up easy unless they open with Shi En + Enishi + Fuma in grave. Brave Neos gets over Shi en and they can´t negate the Neos fusion to protect it from the grave

Stall: from legend 3 to KoG i fought 3 Weevile stall in a row and won them, CC their Onslught is key to victoy, also you can send parasite to the grave with Neos Fusion but if they are playing Cypher soldier you kinda want to have a parasite in your zone since it turns Brave Neos and Rooklord into insects. As i said early a floodgated koaki can be transformed into a Rooklord.

Blue-eyes: since their main combo is Cosmo brain+ vanilla BE, ice destroys them. You can use Brave Neos to stop 3 attacks gaining some turns to assamble your koaki plays.

Yubel: pretty easy match up thanks to ice, but the neos engines doesn´t add anithing to this.

Darklords: this i found to be the hardest matchup since they can negate maximus and ice effect while also gaining LP. The longer this match goes, the harder it gets, but they can brick and you can OTK them.

Overall i found this to be a fun and consistant deck to play ranked and while Koakis are not the Consistent 3 maximus that they used to be, they still have a lot of power in them!


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
Vastar25Destiny DrawMay 5

A comment from Vastar25:

If you dont have all the cards for the otk brave neos and bacon saver allow you to gain time until draw all the pieces, I use destiny draw because I dont have glossy diamond core to play kaibacorp bling.


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
冰糖2018SwitcherooMay 6

A comment from 冰糖2018:

Very offensive deck (destructive koaki + beater control Neos + a bit card staple against current meta)


IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
JethSealed TombsMay 9


Hot New Top
If you're in legend, what rank do you fall back down to after season is over? Platinum or gold?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
straight to silver
Valiant Souls
Lol this is by far the best meta we've had. I'm seeing a lot of different decks lately: Subterrors, Metaphys, Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, Koa'ki Meiru, buster blader, amazoness, U.A. and even fur hires. The game has improved a lot.

Btw, Amano Iwato is already meta (successfully counters everything) and that card is from an event.
<< Anonymous(Valiant Souls)
Anonymous Reply
Gotta agree with this guy, Amano is really awesome.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
With Amano in the game, I think we can start getting more hand traps in now- I’m personally really hoping for Effect Veiler
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You guys are forgetting Triamids. They’re already META and they are easy to get ;)
Evan Walsh
Remember when they said Cosmo Brain was going to be limited? it's been almost a year since the White Dragon of Legend was put for sale. NO limits at all LOL !

And taht's not all, I bet Metaphys, Subterrors and specially Samurais will be playable after 1 year. Screw all the haters, Duel Links is awesome.
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
Must agree with this guy. Even silent magician is playable right now, it actually won one of Duel Links Meta's tournaments not so long ago.
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
NO limits coming. That's what I think
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Forever Unlimited Reply
I think you should say:
"That's a given"
<< Anonymous(Evan Walsh)
Anonymous Reply
Cosmo Brain is a forever meta card.
when will they gimme a Dream ticket again?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
next years
This particular build is doing great for me, although many folks don't agree with playing superbia but it came in clutch too many times, 3 Ukobacks was giving me a weak start and combos so I cut it down to 2.
not sure if 2 Amduscs are optimal but it's really good to get contact or morning star from grave as it represents the only pseudo searcher for contact and morning star.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck is really good but you need to be kinda skilled and brainy, otherwise any deck will beat you...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd personally go with 1 less Nasten and tech in a generic backrow card, like a monster removal or Cosmic Cyclone, or Canadia/Floodgate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ever tried to play WDOR + Power of the Tributed with this deck?
<< Anonymous
Batoy Reply
Yeah. Need to be brainy in playing Darklord deck
three diffrent archtypes in one deck? wtf happened to this people?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"hopeless" attempt to make something unique (looks interesting)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is not unique
Meet this 🔥 a lot on the ladder and it is work, tier 1
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ironically, combining decks like this is actually the game's intention in the beginning. One of those notes for beginners from way back then during the game's early years stated that you should combine cards to create your own unique deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*and by "the game", I meant Yugioh as a whole, mainly the OCG/TCG.
So even the pros are saying "neo fusion is broken AF" Does this mean it gets nerfed ever?
Is it still worth investing in a Blue-Eyes deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
this deck didn't work for me
<< Anonymous
Silent Reply
I play snipe hunter and 3x Cosmo.. just added vermillion dragon mech in extra.. how u got original Blue eyes artwork though?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1 Enemy Controller is better..than 2 TTH on my opinion
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
cool deck but 2 treacherous is very bad ?
<< Anonymous
Silent Reply
2 adds consistency and people usually banish backrow now so u can use 2nd as well snipe hunter can discard 2 is really good
There is a bug i can't claim Jaden's new Skill Neo Space from my inventory.

Anyone have this too?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pLeAsE cLaIm ThEm InDiViDuAlLy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Claim the skill by using Jaden character
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Receive all*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Try Choose Jaden to claim this skill
Is Duel Links copy-paste decks?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
duel links is very simple, buy random packs then if you keep losing simply blame meta
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Six sam road to wcs

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