How to beat/farm Odion Lvl 40

This page notes level 40 Odion's deck, characteristics, and tips for defeating him.
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update 09/04/2017

Amazoness (7,000 - 8,000)

Amazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness QueenAmazoness SageAmazoness Sage
Amazoness SageSanga of the ThunderAmazoness FighterAmazoness FighterAmazoness FighterGravekeeper's Vassal
Union AttackUnion AttackDownbeatDownbeatDownbeatSecret Pass to the Treasures
Amazoness OnslaughtSpirit Barrier----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith

Click below for more details

Sylvan Ra ( 7,000 - 8,000)

Example Deck

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Power of the Tributed
When you sucessfully Tributed Summon "The Winged of Ra", its ATK will becomes the sum of the ATK of the Tirbuted Monsters, and its DEF will becomes the sum of the Tributed Monsters.
Yami Marik
Yami Marik

Tethys deck (7,000 - 8,000+)

Skill -
Essential cards
(Box reset)
No box reset needed

Example deck

Tethys, Goddess of LightTethys, Goddess of LightHarvest Angel of WisdomHarvest Angel of WisdomHarvest Angel of WisdomElement Valkyrie
Element ValkyrieElement ValkyrieGravekeeper's VassalHysteric FairyHysteric FairyHysteric Fairy
Union AttackUnion AttackReloadReloadTransmodifyTransmodify
TransmodifySecret Pass to the Treasures----

Fast farming deck that doesn't require any character specific skills. Against level 40, you'll need to get Transmodify early since you can't stall the turns by simply using an 1800 attack monster. Odion has 3 attack increasing equip cards, which also means that you need to finish the duel early before he stacks all 3 on 1 monster to get over your Tethys. For a more safer farm attempts, you can duel against lvl 30 instead.

Elements Unite! (8,000 +)

Odion's highest defense monster is a Giant Axe Mummy with 2000 Def. However, it can't do anything after you special summon your Gate Guardian. You can check more details and information regarding the deck by clicking the link below!

skillElements Unite!
Essential cards
ExpenseVery low
Box resetNone

Example deck

Unhappy Girl Union Attack (7000 - 8000)

Obtainable score7,000 - 8,000
Popular skillHoly Guard
Essential cards

Example deck

Mystical Beast of SerketGravekeeper's VassalThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlThe Unhappy GirlRai-Mei
Rai-MeiRai-MeiUnion AttackTemple of the KingsSecret Pass to the TreasuresCurse of Anubis
Jar of GreedJar of GreedWindstorm of EtaquaSpell ReclamationSpell ReclamationEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin------Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


Summon the unhappy girl, or rai-mei if you don't have her, and pass the turns to stall the duel until you can perform the gravekeeper vassal and union attack combo. Once you summon the unhappy girl, set rai-mei again once you have enchanted javelin to raise your LP. This will make sure Odion won't attack, otherwise pumpking with castle of illusions to deal more than 5000 damage with 3 monsters.

Cerberus Deck

Obtainable score6,000 - 7,000
Popular skill
Essential cardsMythical Beast Cerberus

Example deck

Mythical Beast CerberusRiryokuShard of GreedShard of GreedSupremacy BerryTwister
Shooting Star Bow - CealMurmur of the ForestYamiSword of Deep-SeatedWonder WandStop Defense
Stop DefenseAbyssal DesignatorAbyssal DesignatorBlue MedicineWindstorm of EtaquaEnchanted Javelin
Enchanted JavelinEnchanted Javelin--------


  • If you happen to get second turn, Odion can set Embodiment of Apophis and a monster on first turn, on the third turn he will have 3 monsters out which can already kill you.
  • You will have to rely on a bit of luck to either get Cerberus in your starting hand or get traps like Enchanted Javelin or Windstorm of Etaqua to survive.

Level 40 Odion's deck

Annoying cards

CardEffect Summary
Decayed Commander
Decayed Commander
  • If ever you wasn't able to defend yourself against this card, it has the potential to discard 1 of your key card in hand.
Zombie Tiger
Zombie Tiger
  • Can potentially discard 1 of your combo piece if able to attack directly.


Odion exclusive drop cards


Hot New Top
Unlucky at All
After completing 58 stages, I haven't got any single " Millennium Scorpion." I got everything except it. I tried so hard but al in vain. Any advise to offer?
<< Anonymous
Unlucky at All Reply
I hope we can get our 1st copy as soon as possible!
<< Anonymous(michiru)
Unlucky at All Reply
Thanks for the advice!
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
Vincent Reply
At least you got 4 GK... I got 3 Scorpion but just 1 GK.... and I HATE THIS 🔥 ZOMBIE, got 8 of them.
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
Gravekeeper guy Reply
I need those recruiters i am ready to swap it with my millenium scotpion,those recruiters will complete my gravekeepers deck
I used the already mentioned Dino farming deck against Odion about 7 times now. I figured I'd try to farm LD's since there's the 1k bonus currently. I've only lost 1 of the 7 duels (only managed to draw one monster early). I'm able to average 6,100 - 6,400 with this deck (7,100 - 7,400 with current 1k bonus). I highly recommend the deck.
<< Anonymous(Andrew)
RoronoaSeto Reply
What are the fusion weapons for bro?
<< Anonymous(RoronoaSeto)
Andrew Reply
The fusion weapons are for the fusion monster that isn't shown but there are two in this deck. It's the monster that combines two headed king Rex and crawling dragon number 2. It's called brachiradius or whatever. It's a 6 star monster, so you end up putting both fusion weapons on it and at the end of the duel you use it to inflict the "over 5,000 damage" for extra assessment points.
<< Anonymous(Andrew )
Anonymous Reply
First duel.
<< Anonymous
Andrew Reply
What about the first duel?
I use this Deck + BMD as Fusion Monster
100% win rate, 7-8k ;)
<< Anonymous(Heppy)
Kuyf Reply
Use vassal better than piranha
<< Anonymous(Heppy)
Warrior Reply
Wow, Thank you so much for sharing this deck, It's actually better than the unhappy girl decks I've seen since this deck has the potential for a full 8k
<< Anonymous(Heppy)
Anonymous Reply
Amazing one and cheap
<< Anonymous(Heppy)
Maarkuuzaa Reply
Best Deck Ever! 100% win rate +8K rewards!
Konsmi needs to sdjust his bloody drop rate arghhhh
<< Anonymous
Zenisu Reply
Same here
<< Anonymous
Shadow_Zero Reply
Ouch... :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol the missing sr card you were farming was the first 3 cards I got from Odion.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's funny. On my second account, it's Giant Axe Mummy that's the impossible one. Which is fine, given it's completely useless (if Great Moth and Serpent Night Dragon weren't SR, it would probably be the outright worst SR drop).
Its my deck.. Verry good to get 7000-8000 pt. Combine Blue eyes ultimate, chu/millenium scorpion and gravekpp vassal..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This deck is great, especially against Odion since you don't have to worry about Decayed Commander discarding your key cards like in Conduit Cerberus.
<< Anonymous
Unhappy Reply
Yeah, but for those who don't have Scorpion yet, you can try Balance 3 Cerberus and 2 The Unhappy Girls. You can lower your LP reliably using the deck and Decayed Commander will most likely not attack your Unhappy Girl while waiting for Cerberus until he can one shot you in a single turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its the happened thank u
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Different att formation, can be optional other millenium/blue eyes ultmate + chu + grave vassal
its funny how any good card u need is (or was) in f**ing ULTMATE RISING. sry but this pisses me of -.-
<< Anonymous(HerrEsel)
Anonymous Reply
Or those cards listed in "Best Cards to Counter Odion"? Ignore that list. Those are not useful for farming. And there are list of cards that can do similar/ better than those in new packs.
<< Anonymous(HerrEsel)
Anonymous Reply
Or you mean The Ultimate Rising in general? The only irreplaceable and gamechanging cards are Order to Charge, Sonic Bird, Fusion Gate, and Mask of the Accursed.
<< Anonymous(HerrEsel)
Dr Agon Reply
use this.. if u find a hardway farm him,
<< Anonymous(HerrEsel)
Japan Reply
get rekt noob. I wait korean noobs to farm them all
Unhappy girl doesn't work anymore, he will just keep flipping the mummy down and then up again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
She lose target when it flip
<< Anonymous
rasm537e Reply
you don't have to attack his mummy over and over. If you hit with unhappy girl once he will flip down yes but it's still locked (that happend with me last time i checked, don't know if any update has changed anything).
<< Anonymous(rasm537e)
Anonymoose Reply
Can confirm, Once he flips the mummy, unhappy girl loses her lock on him
<< Anonymous(Anonymoose)
W.H. Reply
An update change that. Now flipping down cancel UG.

I always thought it works this way though, even before update. And so I did so poorly in 1st Yugi Muto event because I'd attack sphink/golem/statue over and over every time they flip and usually that make me lose control of the board. (only had 2 UG at the time and no other deck to farm.)

My point is, maybe it's a 'fix' to the mechanic?
Unlucky at All
I'm finally done with him! :)
Thanks for the Paradox Brothers' Elements Unite! :)
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
Anonymous Reply
how do people check by victory rewards like that?
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
Unlucky at All Reply
At the gate, choose a character and then, from below, choose " the character lvl: 40 Victory Rewards"
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
Anonymous Reply
I just need one more skull invitation to complete Odion farm
<< Anonymous
Oraclessx Reply
I envy you for having 6 Gravekeeper's Recruiter.
Best deck to farm him is using paradox bros with skill elements unite.

amazing easy way.
<< Anonymous(Huli)
Anonymous Reply
Got this using that deck
<< Anonymous(Huli)
Anonymous Reply
Yup 100% win rate
<< Anonymous(Huli)
Anonymous Reply
Yup 100% win rate
<< Anonymous(Huli)
TKSainto Reply
Can u share your deck? I want a Scorpion, why he don´t drop at least one?
There is a way better way to use cerberus deck, with 3 cerbs + 2 unhappy girls and Balance. If u do a 20cards deck, u'll be sure to have a monster in ur hand, so if unhappy, stall till cerbeeurs comes out, either way it's okay and grow ur cerberus uyp
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
actually there's no need for unhappy girls, if you already got 3 cerbs with the Balance skill. Since you will get one cerb for sure with the skill by 20 cards.
<< Anonymous
pls run unhappy girl Reply
Lol no. I've tried only 3 cerbs so many times and I learned the hard way that Cerb is not guaranteed. You NEED extra 2 monsters. You can get Cerb in your starting hand, but the probability is only 60%. Not worth your keys. Balance skill runs by simple math. If you have 10 monsters in 20 card deck, you'll get 2 monsters in your starting. If you need only 1, you need at least 5 monsters.
<< Anonymous
Dr Agon Reply
absolutelly need unhappy girl to run cerb+balance deck.
balance skill will reflect ur whole deck,
if it is 20 card with 5 monster,
u will be guaranted getting 1 monster at ur starting hand(either cerberus or unhappy)
<< Anonymous
Bronco Reply
What spells or traps are a must have for a cerb deck??
What the hell? I just went to use my Unhappy Girl deck, and he started attacking them from the get-go... The AI characters NEVER attack unless they have enough to 🔥 you in one go...

Also, Giant Axe Mummy used to stay affected by Unhappy Girl's effect even if it flipped itself face down, yet now doing that removes said effect.

Did they just screw up the Unhappy Girl strategy, or is it just for Odion?
<< Anonymous(Byere)
Byere Reply
So I just tried it again, purposely giving the opponent (a standard duelist) the chance to attack while I only had UG on the field, and they didn't bother.

It may just be because of the event that they made Odion more aggressive.
<< Anonymous(Byere)
W.H. Reply
Did he attacked with Mummy? If yes, it's because of mechanic change announced a few months ago where UG can be cancelled with flipping face down. Hence AI attacks since they know they can always flip out of it.
<< Anonymous(W.H.)
Anonymous Reply
I just did it with unhappy girl deck even though he had mummy face up all the time.. (filled with heal spells) don't just stall stay healthy too. well if he pulls another mummy you are screwed ....
<< Anonymous(Byere)
Anonymous Reply
the gx update changed the ai to always attack unhappy girl. so unless you have spirit barrier up your screwed
To those who can do it, make a balance deck and not a draw sense light/sorcery conduit one.. I have a 8k score and 100% winrate on this guy since I'm using Balance with 3 cerb and 2 unhappy girls. The only thing is that the game is giving me a big finger by not dropping anything but mummies and dammed R goblins xD
<< Anonymous(Meruem)
Anonymous Reply
Gould u upload your deck? :)
<< Anonymous(Meruem)
anon Reply
Just wasted 600 keys on Odion.... Finally got gravekeeper on last try. No reverse trap. Still haven't gotten draw sense: light to drop. No unhappy girls yet.... Used a couple randoms for the 4th and 5th monsters.
<< Anonymous(Meruem)
curious Reply
Try to get unhappy girls, they are quite useful not just for LD; I'm leveling characters with a mill deck and the unhappy girls make it easy + a few 1000s more ass. points are nice :)

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I love dog cards as well.
because he has a bigger pp
The good side about this deck is its high attack power boss monsters
Maybe the only monster the opponent had in their graveyard cannot be special summoned by such mea...
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