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update 29/12/2016

Master of Oz

Master of Oz
Monster TypeBeast
Card typeFusion


How to get / Rarity

PackChaotic Compliance [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Very high attack monster with only 2 fusion monsters.


  • Not going to be used in most decks since the fusion monsters aren't often used.


Fusion materials


Summoning categories2 Fusion Materials

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first easy otk whith this card summon in clear field(and hand for kuriboh) = win game, rest in peace black meteor dragon you was reemplaced
<< Anonymous(omegaxhunter)
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
Son of the Madness, not only a run-on comment, but a massive run-on sentence.... o_O;;

Kanga vs REBD in the Dead Hand department, maybe. REBD vs the actual other lv 7 Koala, not even. RE wins by being much more versatile. And if the many fights between BE & RE hasn't proven that overwhelming power (only by 600~700) isn't everything, then we should end this "discussion" here.
<< Anonymous(omegaxhunter)
omegaxhunter Reply
It's okay, I admit, you beat me.Also you write in a great way.And finally as things change when they add Dragon Master Knight and Dark Paladin later in the game.
<< Anonymous(omegaxhunter)
Daemon Blitzkrieg Reply
It ain't about winning (here), but correctly informing. Which btw, DMK/D Paladin/FGD all require Fusion Summon ONLY, unlike our current triple threat BEUD/Black Meteor/OZ, making them all much more difficult to summon & one-shotters.
<< Anonymous(omegaxhunter)
omegaxhunter Reply
It is good to know and I hope that when we find in another post is with opinions with more in agreement. My most sincere greetings Daemon Blitzkrieg. :)
Cody Callender
I just faced someone and they pulled this out on turn one... Wth do you do in that situation. I had no way of stopping it. Dude had the perfect starting hand. 🔥 fusion gate and that Master Of
<< Anonymous(Cody Callender)
Anonymous Reply
Any kind of monster removal, hane2 gale lizard, mirror wall, riryoku, metalmorph, etc.
<< Anonymous(Cody Callender)
Anonymous Reply
Yomi ship it man.
<< Anonymous(Cody Callender)
Anonymous Reply
Econ take
<< Anonymous(Cody Callender)
Anonymous Reply
My deck is 2x Master of Oz's and built to ger them out on the 1st-3rd draw. I kind of feel like we faced each other when i reached gold level
46 packs left, and this is the only Ultra left in the box
🔥ing 🔥 me
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Was trying to get my 3rd crystal seer, so I reseted the box and got this useless thing in the first pack.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
econ take with any 4 star creature you summon and win the game next turn lolz
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
One's man trash is another man's come up!
I am amazed at how this guy is almost as strong as BEUD, and it only needs 2 fusion materials. And none of these 2 fusion materials can't beat a single BEWD.
<< Anonymous(RR)
Anonymous Reply
that's why it's just a normal monster and not an effect one. It'd be too op.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
RR Reply
BEUD is also a non-effect monster.
if you have money this will be Op.
<< Anonymous(Exodia)
Anonymous Reply
I agree especially with that rock fusion guy from card trader. I'm surprised p2w players aren't all over this
<< Anonymous(Exodia)
Edgar81539 Reply
Well, for one because despite its high attack it dies to a single Order to Charge/Soul Exchange. Blue-Eyes White Dragon will always be better as a high attack beater because it can be protected with Champion's Vigilance.
My big koala deck by now. I son even pegasus lv 50 with no problem with this.
<< Anonymous(Culdaun)
Culdaun Reply
I meant i won* pegasus.
<< Anonymous(Culdaun)
Kaka Reply
Can't really see too blurry
That ugly bunny 🔥 card should have 1900 atack
<< Anonymous(Hersho)
Anonymous. Reply
" Hersho 2days ago
That ugly bunny 🔥 card should have 1900 atack"
It's a koala (well a fusion between a green koala, but still mostly looks like a koala) you dumbass. Look it up.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous. Reply
**(well a fusion between a green koala, but still mostly looks like a koala) fusion between a green kangaroo and a kola, but still mostly looks like a koala, is what I meant to say.
Nice but meteor b based fusion decks still have an edge due to blue d. Summoner, = less dead hands
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Disagree because both meteor tributes are dead cards and meteors defense ruins him. plus this guy can crash right through mirror wall on level 4s
<< Anonymous(Chumley)
Anonymous Reply
The real chumley would say "licious"
I've finally got this card on my 190th pack...
<< Anonymous(DarkMX)
Anonymous Reply
193rd pack, but still no this card :(
What they did to the stats is that they add the atk and def of both fusion materials, which is the real deal FUSION. (Des Kangaroo 1500/1700, Big Koala 2700/2000)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Even the card design.
This is my favorite deck that I run

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