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Duel Links leak, datamine, leaked cards, leaked skills, leaked characters.
Duel Links Breaking News
Jack Atlas unlock event!
update 16/04/2019
Note: Information on this page is unofficial and was not found by GameA. Credit goes to the people who uploaded the images to Imgur.

15 Apr [Updated]

Ranked Rewards Leaked?

Note: The rarity of cards are not been confirmed yet.

New Leaked Cards

Note: There is no any mention of card information and when it will be released and this Leaked Information is credited to

Structure Deck EX: Neos Fusion

This Leaked Information is credited to

13 Apr

The Leaked Information is credited to

Jack Atlas Unlock Event New Skill and Reward

New Skills Obtained

[Skill] descriptionUser
Might of the King
Can be used when you control "Red Dragon Archfiend". Randomly add 1 "Scarlet Security", "Red Dragon Vase", and "Crimson Fire" to your hand. This skill can be used once per Duel.
Jack Atlas
Jack Atlas

6 Apr

The Leaked Information is credited to, RandomPl0x, and Cesco

Exclusive Sleeves and Game Mat

New Leaked Items

Note: :This original information is credited to RandomPl0x and the English translation of the skills is credited to Cesco:

There are some Leaked Items found in the game files but there is no mention of this information and when it will be released, but some Items are further suggesting an inevitable Dark Signer Kalin Kessler event in the future. (Assuming in May/June).

4 Apr [Updated]

The Leaked Information is credited to

New Leaked Skills

Note: These Skills will be possible to be used as Tag Duel Skills in the Upcoming Tag Duel Event. The English Translation is credited to dgamelinks.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Witness Earth-Shattering Power!
If your team has less than equal to 2000 Life Points, play 1 "Red Dragon Archfiend" at the beginning of your partner, Jack Atlas' turn. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Jack Atlas
Jack Atlas
Fusion of the Destruction and Creation
If your team has less than equal to 2000 Life Points, play 1 "Armed Dragon Catapult Cannon" at the beginning of your partner, Chazz Princeton' turn. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Chazz Princeton
Chazz Princeton

Epic Yami Leaked Reward

1 Apr [Updated]

The Leaked Information is credited to and RandomPIOX

Tag Duel Event

Based on the datamines picture shown below, it seems to be an Exclusive Game Mat and Sleeves for the Upcoming Tag Duel Event.

Mar 25 [Updated]

The Leaked Information is credited to

Leaked Ranked Reward

New Leaked Skill

[Skill] description
Light and Dark
Choose 1 of the following: -Return 1 DARK monster from your hand to your Deck. Then, add from your Deck to your hand, 1 LIGHT monster with the same Level and Type as the monster you returned. -Return 1 LIGHT monster from your hand to your Deck. Then, add from your Deck to your hand, 1 DARK monster with the same Level and Type as the monster you returned. This Skill can only be used once per turn, and twice per Duel.
Mask Exchange
Add 1 "Masked Beast Des Gardius" from your Deck to your hand. Then, return 1 "The Mask of Remnants" from your hand to the bottom of your Deck. This Skill can only be used once per turn, and twice per Duel.
Masked Tribute
Return 1 card from your hand to your Deck. Then, randomly play 1 "Grand Tiki Elder" or "Melchid the Four-Face Beast" from outside of your Deck. You cannot Summon any monsters other than "Masked Beast Des Gardius" during the turn you activate this Skill. This Skill can only be used once per turn, and twice per Duel.
Mask of Impregnability
Can only be used in Tag Duels. Until the end of your opponent's next turn, you take no battle damage. This Skill can only be used once per turn.
Mask of Restrict
Can be used if you control "Masked Beast Des Gardius" or "Masked Beast Des Gardius." Place 1 "Mask of Restrict" face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone from outside of your Deck. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Curse of the Remnant
When a monster is equipped with a "The Mask of Remnants" that you control, that monster gains 1000 ATK.
Spell Dispel
Select 1 Spell Card targeted by a "Mask of Dispel" that you control. That Spell Card's effects are negated until the end of the next turn. This Skill can only be used once per turn, and twice per Duel.
Zorc Appears!
Roll a six-sided die. If the result is less than the current turn count, play 1 "Dark Master - Zorc" from your hand. This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Bravery Check
Select 1 monster your opponent controls. Your opponent rolls a six-sided die, and if the results is 3 or greater, the selected monster cannot attack during the next turn. This Skill can only be used once per turn, and twice per Duel.
Worst of the Worst
If your Deck has 5 or more Level 2 monsters with different names, 3 Level 2 monsters are added to your starting hand.
Rage of the Armed Dragon
At the start of the third turn (CPU), if there's space on the field summon an armed dragon LV3.
Fires of Revenge
You win the duel on your fifth draw phase.
Offerings to the Immortals
Summon two ceremonial tokens on the field, then add to the hand an Earthbound Immortal
Preparations for the Dark Synchro
Summon on the field the required monsters for the Dark Synchro.

New Main Box - Warriors Unite

The Leaked Information is credited to

Mar 20

New Limit 3 and Leaked Cards?

The Leaked Information is credited to

Note: A glitch with the new update or it can be a mistake by Konami when testing the new Forbidden/Limited List feature. These cards may be Non-Player Character Only and There is no any mention of card information and when it will be released.

Mar 18

Satorius Kumar will be Unlocked in 25 Mar 2018

The Leaked Information is found in blog livedoor jp

Mar 15

The Leaked Information is credited to

Leaked Cards

Note: There is no any mention of card information and when it will be released.

Silent PaladinSilent Paladin [SR]B
Cattle CallCattle Call [SR]B-

Extra Deck Slot Increase

Based on the datamine picture, the Extra deck slot will be increased 1.

HERO-Theme Deck?

Mar 9

This Ranked Reward Information is credited to

Leaked Cards

These card has been added in the game file previously but the rarity of the cards are confirmed this time.

Evolsaur EliasEvolsaur Elias [R]B-
Evoltile CasinerioEvoltile Casinerio [N]B-

Extra Deck Slot Increase and New Series Data?

World Championship 2019 Information

Feb 26 [Updated]


Hot New Top
Nice, you can see Synchro, Xyz and Pendulum monster icon. This game will be totally awesome on the future
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
I mean this picture xyz summon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Xyz Dragon is not xyz summon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Looks like the Beetle card that is bastion level up reward =o
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Forget about this beetle cards
The LD popularity poll which giving cards related to the most popular LD coming soon

<< Anonymous(Vegeta lover)
Zane lover Reply
You should act more like me and just get away with everything
<< Anonymous(Vegeta lover)
Zane lover Reply
(The first one was faker guy)
Very very very true, I would like to use it, maybe we will see something like a site for Dragon Ball Legend that we can write comments on it.
Haha, you steal my future name, but I already named myselfe "Hell Kaiser" in this game.^^
<< Anonymous(Vegeta lover )
Zane lover Reply
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Vegeta lover Reply
Like he can just pound me from the front then ram his tail up my butt. It would be the best feeling ever.
EX structure deck 2.:

2 Cyber dragon SR
2 Cyber dragon zwei SR
2 Cyber dragon core R
2 Cyber dragon herz R
3 Cyber dragon vier SR
1 Cyber twin dragon SR
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon SR
1 Power bond UR
2 Cyberdark cannon SR
2 Cyberdark claw SR
2 power wall R
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Lol, its a quite of time, but I remember this post. I wrote it, and I now realized this sucks XDD I'll use a name in this website
<< Anonymous
らいすけ 14days ago Reply
So, I'll recreate this post, because this is too OP, I write it a long time ago. So:

1 Cyber Dragon UR
2 Cyber Dragon Core SR
1 Cyber Dragon Herz SR
1 Cyber Twin Dragon SR
2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon R
1 Silver Gadget R
1 Gold Gadget R

1 Power Bond UR
1 Emergency Cyber SR
1 Cyberload Fusion R

1 Cybernetic Revolution
<< Anonymous(らいすけ)
らいすけ 14days ago Reply
Or a main box: Cyber Evolution (when zexal comes)

UR: Cyber Dragon, Cyber Dragon Nova, Satellite Cannon, Cyber Eltanin, Daigusto Emeral, Power Bond, Megamorph, Dimensional Barrier, Metaverse

SR: Cyber Dragon Core, Cyber Dragon Vier, Cyber Twin Dragon, Cyber Revsystem, Cyber Emergency and 3 other card for other archetype

R: Cyber Dragon Herz, Cybernetic Revolution, Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
I don't think they'll give us that many SR and UR in one deck.
i wonder if we will get another dream ticket...
<< Anonymous(Lovely Zane)
Lovely Aster Reply
Mine isn't even at 23 yet. We got a long way to go. Yeah, the deck and selection box is basically p2w. I got 1 dian, 3 solid soldiers, 1 night beam, and 1 MF. I will only get 2 dian and MF. 3 is too much with how long it usually takes.
<< Anonymous(Lovely Aster)
Zane lover Reply
You're so lucky! I spent 1400 gems and got nothing. I'm thinking now to leave because Konami stole from me more than 15K gems... lol
I'll draw Nova Master in the Dream Ticket, what will you draw?
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Lovely Aster Reply
It has been my experience that the selection boxes are not even worth investing in unless you are ready to use a fair amount of money. It took a little while to get dian. I kept getting spellbook stuff and crap that I don't want like wiseman chalice. Now I have a bunch of NK. Eventually, they could put everything in a normal box. I just really hate how the selection box is only for a limited time.
<< Anonymous(Zane lover)
Aster lover Reply
*spell book and other crap like wiseman chalice (Is what I meant to say. I don't care about SB.) U.A. stadium? I got plenty now. Just no midfielder, so RIP U.A. I will probably get d.d. assailant with the UR dream ticket.
well, who is this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bro you dumb first season watch a maiden in love she loved zane but by the end love jaden she never loved chazz just liked him be he reminded her of jaden because chazz stole a line from him
<< Anonymous
Scar Reply
Yubel only character I know that had love jaden
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think its Alexis brother Atikus or however Its spelled he spole of love all the time and he made chazz do the same for One Episode
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes she has
EX Structure Deck #2 HUGE LEAKS:
<< Anonymous(Kaiserlord)
Valencia Reply
I don't know where the OP got it. He could have hacked into the game files or it could be Konami testing it or even photoshop for all I know. Or maybe they are from the victory festival in Japan where you got a test deck with Zane. But since a new EX deck is coming, this could be real, I guess.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
DJ Sterf Reply
Who knows? Like Darkfire said, it could be and edit.
<< Anonymous
gjmjgjm Reply
<< Anonymous(gjmjgjm)
Doug Reply
DM fanboys is the most cancerous thing in this game. even they're more cancerous than weevil burn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yusei is better only because in the 1st season of DM, Yugi, Kaiba and everone else were able to summon monsters without tributing. Fk that, bones used call of the haunted as a magic card with a completely broken effect. To summarize, both were great series at their time. One more thing, Jaden was awesome.
<< Anonymous
gx waz lame Reply
no jaden is a dumb schoolboy
<< Anonymous
gx waz lame Reply
nah atem waz supreme
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nah m8, yugi moto went from happy-go-luck schoolboy to kicking ass and taking names when he starts dueling in the show. His character development was nice to see at the time
There's plenty of content to be released.
I just hope they make Mana and Priest Seto unlockable.

But please, no 5d.
5d is a 'nono'
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
Anonymous Reply
Pendulum Summon is actually slightly less broken in Speed Duel setting, since the Pendulums would eat up 2 of your S/T zone leaving only 1 usable for your Traps, assuming Konami use MR4 style placement for Pendulums.

But yeah, I don't really want Pendulum and Rank 4 Xyz since they are the dumbest thing in Yugioh history.

I don't mind Synchro and Link and any Xyz that's not Rank 4 though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Umm, Mana and Priest Seto are already dead. This is the present world, not Atem's past.
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
Why rank 4 xyz are dumb? too powerfull?
<< Anonymous(Konami)
Anonymous Reply
Too much Rank 4 are generic and has varied effect, allowing them to do nearly everything with just 2 any level 4 monsters, which are easy to get on the field.

Even worse part, you can easily summon Hope the Lightning, one of the most broken Rank 5 in Yugioh history, by simply summoning its weaker Rank 4 don't even need to use Rank-Up-Magic card.
#Aster Phoenix event
Finally some more love for Aster if this is real. ❤ CTP is probably too slow at this point and d-counter isn't that great since it won't protect anki or the vision heroes. But still! If the magic cylinder turns out to be real, who is to say what else we can get? (This list may not mean anything, idk.)
<< Anonymous(#Aster Phoenix event)
Anonymous Reply
Bio Plant indicated the next box is Black rose box with Spell counter and D-hero as the secondary theme

Nuvia could be Lumis & Umbra drop rewards

Not sure about the rest
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
...Bio Plant isn't even Plant-Type, though.

Rarity changes don't necessarily mean anything on their own. I doubt a card like Magic Cylinder or Chthonian Blast is just going to randomly show up as playable any time soon.

It's funny how many Chazz and Aster cards got changed at the same time, but it's probably coincidental.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Shit.. i thought it was Copy Plant lol
<< Anonymous(#Aster Phoenix event)
Anonymous Reply
Honestly, Reddit is garbage
So there will also be 5D's? then this game is getting fucked up you know with al the synchro summons etc. I like this game better the way it is now only GX and the first Yu gi oh.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Actually, E-Hero IS a better deck than whatever inconsistent mess Atem is playing.

Especially with Omni-Hero Fusions, and cards like Elemental Hero Shadow Mist, Elemental Hero Prisma, Elemental Hero Solid Soldier, and Elemental Hero Stratos.

There's a reason why it's the most popular casual deck in Japan.....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also, the cards from Synchro era onwards are generally too fast and too powerful for Atem's random20vanilla deck.

Look at Yuya's Performapal deck. Combine it with Performage and generic extra deck cards, and you can start the duel with 5 cards in hand.....and end your turn with 5 monsters on board while still having 5 cards in hand.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Heck never mind the protagonists, even the rivals are too strong for DM era decks.

Zane's Cyber Dragon deck, combined with the newer support cards (like the two Xyz monsters for example), got a lot of complaints from players due to how strong it is.

One of the meta decks in OCG/TCG right now, is GO's Gouki deck that makes use of Knightmare Links to create an Extra Link.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cyber Dragon Infinity negates stuff by using just a single attached material and can attach your monster as its own material, while Gouki swarms the field and quickly replace used materials, making the deck perfect for creating an Extra Link.
some are really EXCITED ABOUT ZEXAL

But I'd have enjoyed playing as Yuya
<< Anonymous(Astral)
Anonymous Reply
dude... no character is a cheater... (well, with some minor exceptions), they just play the cards "that suspicious way" in order to narrate the duel / story
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I hope they will add a line for Wall of Disruption aka Bundan no Kabe ! even if He only played it once lol I mean, how many KB/s is it going to occupy? lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Zexal is the mvp, XYZ all the way.
However Vrains is not bad at all, but it seems to be the last one to come
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Yuya will take quite a while to come to duel links, probably a whole year. But Im seeing more players lately so I think its totally possible to get him as playable
Attention duellists,

A new box called "Rage of the Gods" will be released on the 7th august 2018. This box will have some of the following cards included:

Necrovalley UR
Swords of Revealing Lights UR
Cyberdragon UR
Sakuretsu Armor UR
Lightning Vortex UR
Negate Attack UR
Raigeki UR
Monster Reborn UR
Harpie’s Feather Duster UR

Mirror Force SR
Magic Cylinder SR
Cybertwin Dragon SR
Cyberdragon Vier SR
Megamorph SR
Pot of Greed SR
Dark Hole SR
Final Countdown S

Thank you for playing "Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Do you really think Axe Raider has higher rarity than Wall of Disruption?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, but Axe Raider was released a year before Wall of Disruption was. (And they're not similar cards, so comparing them is kind of pointless to begin with.)

Obviously, if both of these cards were in the same product, the weaker card (which, unless you are REALLY afraid of Different Dimension Dragon, is very, VERY clearly Sakuretsu Armor) would be equal or (more likely) lower rarity.
Anonymous Reply
Why not?
Just some crappy guy Reply
They never said that it costs money

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man when u reached top in SD (Special duels) i thought you gonna see some odds deck but u'll...
good choice better play other game than this facked up trash piece of garbage money grabblers dis...
Can you unlock skills by playing special duels or it is ranked only(besides gate)?
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