Joey Wheeler

This page describes Joey Wheeler's skill, cards, and decks in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links.
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Structure Deck EX: Tales of the Noble Knights
update 09/04/2017

Skill updates!

Added Fields of the Warriors skill on September 28, 2017.

Fields of the WarriorsBegin Duel with the Field Spell "Sogen" activated.

Joey's Reinforcement skill will be changed on May 23. The new skill description is below.

[Skill]Notable Changes
ReinforcementReturn 1 card from your hand to your Deck and draw a random Warrior-Type monster.


Level 5 is enough

After you get a copy of Polymerization as a reward for leveling up Joey to 5, you may give preference to other Legendary Duelists over Joey for leveling up.

Get Joey to acquire "Gambling" skills

Based on Joey’s dueling style in Yu-gi-oh anime that greatly depends on luck, effects that contains the use of dice and/or coins seems to be represent in his drop skill sets. Although not very reliable in the duel, these skill could turn the tides of duel if you are facing a defeat.
→ Luck on Your Side: deck recipe

For notes about other skills, see a skill section below.

Take Metalmorph from Joey!

  • Joey’s duel reward card pool contains one of the most strong card in the game; Metalmorph although some of the card reward in “R” rarity are not so useful like Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon.
  • Although Joey could be unlock and duel at early level, it is suggested that player don’t over spending gate key on him yet, in the beginning (wait for level 40 to be available).
  • Here is a deck to get around 6000 score against Joey.
    → High Score Cerberus agianst Joey Lvl40

How to unlock

Trigger event

Once you reach Stage 3, Joey appears at the Gate and Joey unlock missions become avaialable.

Unlock missions

  • Reaches Stage 3.
  • Win 1 Duel(s) against Joey Wheeler at Level 1 in Duel World.

Joey's skills

Note: More skills are expected! Report Skill name and details by submitting comments or screenshot at the bottom of the page.

Joey Wheeler's Leaked Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Legendary Warrior
Can be Used if your Life Points are at 1000 or below. Play "Gilford the Lightning" to your side on the field. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler

Exclusive skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
LP Boost α
Increases starting Life Points by 1000.
The skill is activated randomly when your turn starts. Your Life Points does not get decreased to less than 1 until your opponent's next turn ends.
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1800. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random Warrior-Type monster.
Roll 'n' Boost
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. Show 1 monster card in your hand to the opponent and roll the die once. The Level of the monster shown becomes that of the die number untile the end of the turn.
Last Gamble
Can be used in your Main Phase, starting from the fifth turn. Upon activation, reduces your LP to 100 and discards 2 cards from your hand. You roll a die and draw that number of cards. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Luck on Your Side
If your Life Points drop below 1000, your coin tosses always land on heads.
Fields of the Warriors
Begin Duel with the Field Spell "Sogen" activated.
Bingo Mission Event

Common skills

Level-Up Rewards

What is level rewards?

Level reward is what you can obtain by leveling up characters, including gems, cards, skills, extra deck slots.

Rewards for leveling up Joey

2Gem x10
3Skill: LP Boost α
4Deck Slot (Joey)
6Gem x15
7Flame SwordsmanFlame Swordsman
8Alligator's SwordAlligator's Sword
9Gem x25
10Deck Slot (Joey)
11Legendary SwordLegendary Sword
12Gem x35
13Skill: Grit
14Mystical Sheep #1Mystical Sheep #1
15Gem x50
16Alligator's Sword DragonAlligator's Sword Dragon
17Gem x60
18Time WizardTime Wizard
19Gem x75
20Skill: Reinforcement
21Thousand DragonThousand Dragon
22Gem x100
23Rocket WarriorRocket Warrior
24Gem x120
25Heart of the UnderdogHeart of the Underdog
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Joey)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Gem x300
31Gold x100,000
32Gem x200
33Rocket WarriorRocket Warrior
34Gem x250
35Dice Re-RollDice Re-Roll
36UR Jewel x1
37Gem x200
39Gem x250
40Blue Flame SwordsmanBlue Flame Swordsman
41Deck Slot (Joey Wheeler)
42gems x100
43gems x200
44gems x250
45Blue Flame SwordsmanBlue Flame Swordsman

Reward cards

What are reward cards?

Reward cards are cards that You can get as reward for gaining a victory over legend duelists.

Exclusive rewards

The list of cards that you can obtain by winning a duel against level 40 Joey Wheeler is below.

Card / [Rarity]Joey's Level
Time WizardTime Wizard [SR]30 or above
MetalmorphMetalmorph [SR]30 or above
Shield & SwordShield & Sword [SR]30 or above
Graceful DiceGraceful Dice [SR]30 or above
Skull DiceSkull Dice [SR]30 or above
Gilford the LightningGilford the Lightning [SR]30 or above
Swamp BattleguardSwamp Battleguard [N]All levels
HinotamaHinotama [R]All levels
SogenSogen [R]All levels
Lava BattleguardLava Battleguard [N]All levels
Red-Eyes Black Metal DragonRed-Eyes Black Metal Dragon [R]All levels
Alligator's SwordAlligator's Sword [R]All levels
GraverobberGraverobber [R]All levels
ExchangeExchange [R]All levels

Joey's starter deck

Red-Eyes B. DragonMasaki the Legendary SwordsmanMasaki the Legendary SwordsmanMasaki the Legendary SwordsmanM-Warrior #1M-Warrior #1
M-Warrior #1Hero of the EastHero of the EastM-Warrior #2M-Warrior #2M-Warrior #2
Baby DragonBaby DragonFlame ManipulatorFlame ManipulatorBattle WarriorBattle Warrior
Battle WarriorBlue Medicine----


Joey in manga/anime

Joey Wheeler is one of Yugi Muto's friends and classmates. He had teased Yugi at first, but changed his mind after seeing Yugi's bravery. He improved his skills to play the card game, and he and Yugi Muto helped each other.


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As a Joey main, I felt disrespected at "Level 5 is enough"
<< Anonymous
Mistyc Goku Reply
When Super Joey was released they should've edited this page, his deck showed how strong Joey and REBD can be.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Do ranked duels i got it there.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The funny part is, Joey being a low level duelist is also how Kaiba think of him.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Are you saying the person who put that in is Kaiba?
PG, i have the same problems. I cant unlock Joey - now i am lvl 6, and I dont have Joey =(
Do you have a solution yet?
<< Anonymous(Ohdyn)
Ohdyn Reply
wich icon? do you mean the "missions"? maybe you can post a screenshot?
<< Anonymous(Ohdyn)
ohdyn Reply
do you see a "mission" to unlock joey? .-/
<< Anonymous(Ohdyn)
WorldCloud Reply
If you have a solution pls share it! i have the same problem! stage 6 and i dont have Joey
<< Anonymous(Ohdyn)
stevezo22 Reply
I might be right or wrong but try tapping on the gate
How much keys do you guys spend on farming to get Last Gamble?
<< Anonymous(Olyvia)
Anonymous Reply
I'm still farming :(
<< Anonymous(Anonymous )
Olyvia Reply
I spent around 2000 colored key and I am not get it. So bored.
<< Anonymous(Olyvia)
Anonymous Reply
Got last gamble but no destiny draw :(
<< Anonymous(Olyvia)
Anonymous Reply
Dude just play pvp
Hey guys, when does Odion appear at the gate?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh, ok, I've just unlocked him using 300 trap cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He appears when you use 300 traps in duels
Hi there, is the starter deck really complete? Because the given deck include only 19 cards, but 20 cards are needed. Has someone futher advice? Thanks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hi, according to there should be three M-Warrior #2
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thank you
Joey Wheeler Skill (Drop)
Last Gamble
Can be used in your Main Phase, starting from the fifth turn.
Upon activation, reduces your LP to 100 and discards 2 cards from your hand.
You roll a die and draw that number of cards.
This skill can only be used once per Duel.
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
Hi Anonymous,
Thank you for your information. I added it to the page!
<< Anonymous
PG Reply
Im already lvl 6 and unlocked tea,
But still i am not able to unlock joey wheeler!
Even if i bet him many times...
This is unrelated to the gameplay but Joey And Mai Has one of the most catchy BGM does anyone know where I can find the Full BGM?
<< Anonymous(Playmaker)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Playmaker)
Sync Reply
Just search on youtube for "Duel Links Joey Theme"
10 کارت زرد
رئیس زرد دو باهم
10 کارت قهوه
یک رئیس قهوه دو باهم
5 اسپل سبز
5 اسپل صورتی
با هم 30
کارت سیاه و سفید و آبی 5
کارت آبی باهم اسپل سبز
کارت سفید باهم اسپل صورتی
کارت سیاه باهم یک زرد و یک قهوه
<< Anonymous(پدرام)
Anonymous Reply
Here's my last gamble deck any comments so ik if it's good or bad
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Yami Reply
I forgot this is the fusion monster
This dude needs to be relevant in the meta, I kinda miss him
<< Anonymous
Aster lover Reply
But he has the luck of the devil against me with last gamble and battery man decks. Joey will always get at least three cards with this skill right when I have what I need to win. And then he ALWAYS gets what he needs with battery man. It is so much harder than fur hires or amazoness. It is like I am dueling the anime Joey Wheeler and his BS luck.
Yeah, Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon isn't that good, but it's a funny tech. You have Red-Eyes equip with Metalmorph and a Spirit set from last turn, use Red-Eyes Black Metal's special summon, then Spirit to get Red-Eyes back.
<< Anonymous(Kevin)
Yami Reply
and if you have one red eyes, u tribute Red eyes, SP summon metal dragon, activate Red eyes insight and red eyes Spirit and you have 2 Red eyes black dragon + 1 Metal dragon :D (if Konami add foolish burial, the red-eyes decks 70% completed) i wait for The red stone of legend
I am new to the game. I have two questions regarding this character.

What are the best ways to level up this character?

What the best deck recipes for this character as you go through (Levels 1 - 40)?
<< Anonymous
Gilgamesh Reply
I think the best way to level up any character not only joy is by Wining Vegabond Challenges .

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