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40th Main Box: Cross Dimension
update 15/08/2018
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Yami Marik
Yami Marik lvl 40 (Gate)
Lvl 40 (Gate)

Note: These decks are to farm Yami Marik [Gate], for decks to farm Yami Marik on his unlock event, click here.

Ra Cloudian

Example Deck

The Winged Dragon of RaCloudian - Storm DragonCloudian - Storm DragonCloudian - Storm DragonCloudian - Sheep CloudCloudian - Sheep Cloud
Cloudian - Sheep CloudGolden LadybugGolden LadybugGolden LadybugCloudian - TurbulenceCloudian - Turbulence
Cloudian - TurbulenceCloudian - Smoke BallCloudian - Smoke BallAnti-Magic ArrowsSolemn WishesSpirit Barrier
Spirit BarrierSpirit Barrier----

Hazy Flame

Example deck

Hazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame CerbereusHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame SphynxHazy Flame Sphynx
Gravekeeper's VassalTroop DragonTroop DragonTroop DragonBubonic VerminBubonic Vermin
Bubonic VerminSoul ExchangeAnti-Magic ArrowsUnion AttackSecret Pass to the TreasuresBeast Rising
Beast RisingBeast Rising----



Example deck

King of the SwampOjama BlueOjama BlueGravekeeper's VassalOjama BlackOjama Black
Ojama YellowOjama YellowOjama GreenOjama GreenFusion SageAnti-Magic Arrows
Union AttackUnion AttackEnchanting Fitting RoomPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Ojama CountrySecret Pass to the Treasures-Ojama KnightOjama KnightOjama Knight


Lvl 40 Yami Marik's deck

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Did you know...

wkwkwk is a laughing style from a country name Indognesia which mean talago putang ina mo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Hey if you all guys duelist put your ign here then just open room in somewhere server and duel
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
where is Indognesia? I can't find it... Hurmmmm
<< Anonymous(Cypruis)
Chineke Reply
Indog is a word malaysian called indonesian fellas... since they acted like dogs, we were forced to called them that statement... plus they are dogs anyway
<< Anonymous(Chineke)
Anonymous Reply
Which is funny because you malaysians keep trying to steal indonesian culture like the dog πŸ”₯s you are
Cheapest yet, accurate deck.If bowganian is summoned as his first monster, then it won't be a farm duel for you.
<< Anonymous(Pappy!)
Anonymous Reply
cheap yet works fine thx homie
<< Anonymous(Red)
Anonymous Reply
Well i am unlucky, he summoned bowganian as his 1 st monster, and i lost that game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
rip farming feel bad for you now gtfo and start searching for a real πŸ”₯ing job
<< Anonymous
Red Reply
Yeah it happens sometimes, but it’s less common if your field is empty on his 1st turn.
I was asked to post my Cerberus deck. Here you go....

Required Skill is DRAW SENSE : LIGHT

- Cerberus : DUH he's the main man here.

- Riryuko : To weaken opponent's monster.

- Anti-Magic Arrows : to avoid traps. You can use twister or Trap jammer as replacement.

- Supremacy Berry : to recover health. You can have two of them for safety measures.

-2x De-spell : to destroy Mask of the accursed.

- Stop Defense : change your opponent's monster to attack position.

- 3x Abyssal Designator : to get rid of RA and Bowganian.

- "Other cards" : a bunch of glossary spells to increase assessment points.

How to use
1- Get damaged with 1500 points.
2- Activate the skill to draw Cerberus.
3- Keep using the spell cards until you draw the last card.
4- The following cards are the cards you NEED in your last turn for the ultimate attack (Riryuko, Stop Defense, Anti-Magic Arrows)

- Cheap and easy deck.

- If he summons bowganian you're probably screwed.
- You must buff up Cerberus over 3900 to protect him from opponent's monsters (RA and Des Gardius)

You can use Card Trader or Magical Mallet for more consistency.

If you have any questions, I will be here to answer them for you.
<< Anonymous(Cerberus #2 )
Cerberus #2 Reply
6. Play Recruiter
7. Use both Union Attack + 1 Secret Pass to the Treasures
7. Go into the Battle face, use Anti Magic Arrow
8. πŸ”₯ Marik with a direct attack
9. Pray to RNG Jesus so you will get some good dropps :D

Hope I could help some one
<< Anonymous(Cerberus #2)
Anonymous Reply
tried 10 times did not get a single win. Doesn't work unless perfect rng
<< Anonymous(iLoveCerberus)
Dio Burando Reply
this deck is inconsistent but a few changes might make this work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wont work. Spirit barrier prevents battle damage. Bowganian is effect damage.
The Rock
I m using this deck to farm MARIK at lvl40
<< Anonymous(The Rock)
Anonymous Reply
I tried this. Masked beast destroy the wall. You need to get the field spell and abyssal designator asap to win with this deck.
<< Anonymous
Slow Hands Reply
You can put in another field spell instead of Secret Passage (if you replace it with a face-down field spell in the last turn and attack his weakest monster you still deal over 9999 dmg).
<< Anonymous(Slow Hands)
Slow Hands Reply
Also, I switched the fusion monster with Thunder Dragon for more draw-power, Storm with Anti-Magic Arrow, and I left out the infinite cards spell. The winrate is not a 100% but it's still a lot better than Ojama
<< Anonymous(Slow Hands)
Anonymous Reply
I hate it when marik summon his bowganian. There's no way to counter that with this deck, except if u include some fiend destroyer spells. But adding those will make the draw more inconsistent.
Where's the chicken at?!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're looking for a ...dick?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nah ... I think you're looking for a πŸ”₯
<< Anonymous(Grammar Boi)
Anonymous Reply
grammar "boi" umm yeah ok
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Where's the chicken at?!"
at your mom kitchen
new player come to this site to find some useful guide go to comment section see all this stupid comment what the πŸ”₯
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Valencia's marik burn deck is legit, it is a good deck ,I like it :)
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
Ta-daah! It's Morphin' time!
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
holy πŸ”₯ this deck looks way more worst than the other one 3 metalmorph brick city
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I normally just use one Metalmorph, but sometimes the temptation to add more wins out. This wins against Yami Marik every time, but for pvp...yeah, brick city. And it doesn't matter if you have an equal amount of monsters because this is just a different form of bricking. I wanted to see if Metalmorph's second effect against the opponent is stackable, and sadly, it doesn't seem to.
What deck should I use to farm level 20 Arkana? I'm currently farming for Anti-Magic Arrows...
<< Anonymous(SengirPaladin)
AnonD Reply
How do you get over 9999 damage with mirage dragon out? With 2 union attacks, vassal would max at 9700.
<< Anonymous(Charizard)
Kyle Eleison Reply
Im using this deck for over 9999
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
He's trying to farm AMA..and you want him to use it?
<< Anonymous(Anon)
Anonymous Reply
he's probably trying to get a second or third copy of it
My ojama version of farming deck
100%win rate, 8200 each time
Make sure to not fusion summon your second ojama before last turn to prevent from being screwd by lava golem
<< Anonymous(Togetictoc)
Anonymous Reply
Whoa. 4 UR poly searcher. Im out
<< Anonymous(Togetictoc)
Anonymous Reply
Whoa. 4 UR poly searcher. Im out
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did you see that shield & sword right ?
<< Anonymous(Togetictoc)
Not 100% Reply
Anti Magic Arrows is still the better farming card for your last turn. Technically it can't possibly be 100%, especially since you have the chance to bottom deck your Straight Flush.
Sharkfin Soup
SSA feels like cheating! Let me elaborate!

Marik's cards that can be negated by Whale:
1) Nightmare Wheel (x1)
2) Mask of the Accursed (x2)
3) Dark Jeroid (x2)

What if he used Mask twice in one turn? SSA can handle it with its banish effect! Still, this has a flaw, if you only have one monster out (which is Whale), is it safe to leave your field open?

Yes! Chances are, if you have atleast one Whale on the field, Marik will only Set his cards! (which is good since he will hesitate to utilize Bowganian's burn effect!) But then, he has Powerful Rebirth, so he can easily summon Masked Beast!

Still not a problem! Whale's effect can handle it, so by next turn, you can easily defeat his Masked Beast!

I accidentally clogged up my field! If Abyss Warrior is in your deck, it should not be a problem! Plus, with SSA milling and Fishborgs, it is a guarantee that you will first deck out than Marik!

Fishborg screwed my farming when it sent out Vassal/Union/Secret Pass into graveyard! For this, just tech in 1x Pot of Benevolence.

Lastly, I'm not sure why Marik won't summon Lava Golem even though I constantly have two Whales out on the field! Three monsters on the field though, is a guarantee that he will summon Sphere! Is this a problem? Hardly! With SSA deck composition, you can easily revive Whales with Fishborgs and spare Hammer Sharks in your hand! You can easily recover!

So, why does he not summon Lava Golem? Any thoughts?
<< Anonymous(Sharkfin Soup)
Anonymous Reply
thank you this deck is the best for marik
<< Anonymous(Sharkfin Soup)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Sharkfin Soup)
Anonymous Reply
Hey bro can you give deck list? I m having trouble with consistency
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what worked for me based on OP's post.. similar to other farming decks, if u draw vassal unions and treasure first turn u cant do anything, other than that whale combo is so easy to get out after first few turns
Is there any deck that an actual f2p can use to farm lv 40/50 marik? started just like a week ago or more, dont really want to throw money on just to get Ra for a deck to farm him
<< Anonymous(Tez.)
Hokage242 Reply
Type my name in youtube. 100% guarantees sucessful farm deck
<< Anonymous
W.H. Reply
If you started just A week ago, I'd say forget about building a farm deck and just throw anything at him that will give you a win. Especially if you don't want to spend gems yet, and I'm kinda agree with that though, you can forget about getting high score altogether. Just try to win. Low score is score nonetheless. Duel lv30 if you must. Decent amount of reward can be earned through persistence.
<< Anonymous(Tez.)
Anonymous Reply
Your situation is just like me at bonz event. What I can do was to just keep winning with standard warrior deck.
<< Anonymous(Tez.)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah just use whatever deck and win. Get whatever you can. I started a week before the first pegasus event last year. Barely have enough cards to make a farm deck (before all these union attack)
Isn't mask of the accursed a problem?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i missed the damn arkana event....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Xing Zhen Hu coz he has 1 Nightmare Wheel so hope you lock the correct 1. You only need 1 copy of Anti Magic Arrows so you can farm Arkana lvl 20 for it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Rain check on Arkana, you can see him together with Marik / Rare Hunter in the same Red Gate, swipe left/right.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
thank you to everyone! helping me out a lot. :)
So Beautifulllllll.....
<< Anonymous
YZX Reply
If u dont have card to find Polymer, u can use Fusion time (skill) / elemental hero Blazeman (card)
<< Anonymous(YZX)
Anonymous Reply
so amazing prisma card
<< Anonymous(YZX)
Anonymous Reply
I just got one too haha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No luck yet with my Ojama Deck. 0/3 on lv 40 with Restart. Just some bad luck on opening draws, but here's to hoping the luck will change. :)

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I'd say that this deck is balanced though, big atk/def but lacking trap protection, unlike t...
I got salty after losing because I played this card.
Can't attack if it use its effect, AND can destroy only 1 monster and nothing else, AND it t...
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