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update 19/07/2017


This deck is more of a control type deck even though it has some potential to swarm. Ninjas use unusual effects that support each other well, making this deck somewhat unpredictable to duel against.

skillDuel, standby!
Essential cards
CostBudget - Expensive
(Box reset)
Dawn of Destiny
Electric Overload
Valkyrie's Rage

Example deck

Ninja Grandmaster SasukeNinja Grandmaster SasukeNinja Grandmaster SasukeBlack Dragon NinjaBlack Dragon NinjaRed Dragon Ninja
Senior Silver NinjaSenior Silver NinjaSenior Silver NinjaFlame Armor NinjaWhite NinjaWhite Ninja
White NinjaSoul ExchangeEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerNinjitsu Art of TransformationCurse of Anubis
Windstorm of EtaquaNinjitsu Art of Duplication--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.


How to use this deck

Summon high-leveled ninjas

Ninjas aren't really strong in terms of attack, so it would be better to quickly summon your higher leveled monsters to start hitting harder.

  • Use Soul Exchange to tribute summon your monster by tributing one of your opponent's monster. This also serves as monster removal, but you will not be able to conduct your battle phase that turn.
  • Use Ninjitsu Art of Transformation to special summon Black Dragon Ninja from your hand or deck by tributing any of your level 4 ninja monsters.

Change enemy monsters to defense position

Changing opponent's battle position serves 2 purposes in this deck. First is to protect your monsters. And second is because your ninjas can destroy defense position monsters with card effects. Enemy Controller can also be used to take your opponent's monster to use as tribute and open for a direct attack. Be careful of using Curse of Anubis during your turn. Keep in mind that your ninjas are also effect monsters, therefore will also be changed to defense position if they are face-up.

Destroy defense position monsters

These two monsters are very important to this deck. Comboing these cards with changing your opponent's battle position will be your main method of monster removal.

  • Flip White Ninja to destroy a defense position monster on the field, but be careful so that you aren't forced to destroy your own monster.
  • Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke destroys any face-up defense position monster he battles.

Other useful cards

For cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below!

Air Armor Ninja
Air Armor Ninja
A Ninja card that can reduce his level by 1 so you can special summon 6 starred monsters with Ninjitsu Art of Transformation.
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
Canbe summoned with Ninjitsu Art of Transformation if you adjust your level with Flame Armor Ninja.


Hot New Top
Ninja is week against toons , redeyes , phoenix and gravekeeper's .. And if you don't have E-con and spheres you lose
<< Anonymous(X-Virus)
Anonymous Reply
curse of anubis, windstorm and sphere kuribo switch toon monsters to defense mode and sasuke gets rid of them.

Your Econ and sphere kuribo argument is dumb. If toons don't get toon kingdom/table of contents/planet pathfinder they lose. If Red-eyes bricks, which is pretty common, they lose. If naturia doesn't get one it's two level monsters they run, they lose. See where I'm going with this ?
<< Anonymous(X-Virus)
Anonymous Reply
I used ninja pretty often and when I face toons I often use turnabout and set the toon monster face down and pop it with white ninja afterwards. And red-eyes pretty much give a lot of deck hard time so its not exclusive to ninja but again I use turnabout with red ninja for phoenix well I never really have problem with them to be honest.. Gravekeeper rarely bump into one so I can't really tell
<< Anonymous
Ninja deck sucks Reply
I've never lost a single match against ninja decks using Phoenix decks. Ninja decks heavily relies on spells/traps like control decks which I've never lost to also. Turnabout is a dead card if you don't summon armed ninjas so it's garbage.
<< Anonymous(Ninja deck sucks)
Anonymous Reply
*Armor Ninjas
My version
<< Anonymous(MS13)
Anonymous Reply
What is that SR card on the far right corner?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I assume you meant the Spell. It's "Armor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy".
<< Anonymous(MS13)
Anonymous Reply
What's the skill?
<< Anonymous
jacob Reply
ninja grandmaster sasuke
A little overboard on the backrow removal, lol. You should be able to drop some of the weaker ninjas and Gravelstorms and still be fine. This deck really needs more firepower. It's pretty bad when your 2nd strongest monster has 500 ATK.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ninjutsu Art is really good and should definitely be included. The two Fire Kings give you a little power even when you don't have the Red Ninja, and you can search them with Island by tributing a weak ninja after flipping it. I have literally never drawn Phoenix in the dozen or so games I've tested this deck lol, but on paper it should be good. Always looking for improvements, though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Im planning on making a ninja deck, and im replacing gravel with wild storm, and getting rid of fire island entirely
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fire Island is what make easy summon the high level monsters, since all the rest is flip monsters
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i have all the cards you need for your deck so im going to try it soon as i get mind scan of course
iam still working my own deck... BUT

there are a few more usefull cards not mentioned above for a strong easy one-shot combo
if you are able to clear the spell zone from at least a few cards and be able to dodge a kuribo ball... basicly if you have a clear attack you can deal 4200Lp
in 1 step

not mentioned...
2 red dragon ninja
2-3 ninjutsu art of duplication
1-2 armed ninja
2-3 ninjutsu of shadow sealing
1-2 crimson ninjas
1-2 armed ninjas
1 sogen
1-2 wicked-breaking flamberge

skills: restart/labyrinth builder etc...
i play 30 cards 15 monsters 15 spells /traps i say i win 70% of my pvp

point is to get the red dragon ninja
as fast as you can on your hand and mabe with labyrinth builder in the turn you draw it on the field without wasting all your crimson/armed and sasukes from your DECK...

1 sealing and 1 duplication ninjutsu have to be on the field and ready... keep in mind a ninja monster in your graveyard allows you to remove to deck one face down monster/spell from your enemy when summoned...

now with a clear shot AFTER you attacked with the red dragon ninja tribute it with ninjtsu duplication...

SPECIAL summon 1 Sasuke and 1+1 crimson/armed ninja... sasuke attack possition everything else face down... now you got a second attack with sasuke and you dealed 4200Lp...


if you rather skip the second attack with sasuke in face up attack position... this can be also a strong trap/bluff cause you have a chance to destroy some spells next round with your face down ninjas which flip when attacked and act also as a shield or stall some monsters with sealing ninjutsu...

pretty much endless mean trap/bluff combos

<< Anonymous(K1llua)
K1llua Reply

few errors in my list...

2-3 ninaja sasuke
only 1-2 armed ninja
i use no black dragons in my deck

<< Anonymous(K1llua)
K1llua Reply
wicked-breaking flamberge act as a way to get at least 1 ninja to your grave yard
<< Anonymous(K1llua)
Anonymous Reply
your not gonna get out of gold with that jaloppy deck dude. 3sd with 2sk, 3sasuke, 3 black dragon, 3 red dragon, 3 ninja trans, 3 ninja dup, windstorm, shadow sealing.
<< Anonymous(K1llua)
t Reply
I'm sorry, but your deck list is terrible. And pointing out obvious otks with the Ninjitsu Traps makes you look silly.
Who ever did the write up on this deck I feel didn't have much experience actually playing ninjas. The example deck is atrocious.
<< Anonymous
GameA1 Reply
Hi thank you for your comment. We tried to make an affordable sample deck, that's why the deck doesn't look good.
<< GameA1
Bakura Reply
Why you didn't put Damarian Gaming's deck which is better instead of this one?
<< GameA1
Anonymous Reply
@GameA1 totally understandable that you would post an affordable version of the deck, but it would also be helpful if you could post a deck that fully utilizes ninjas at their best. I appreciate what you guy's do though, thanks GameA! I hope the creator's of this app even out the current meta. Like WHY NOT LIMIT MIRROR WALL or you know even it out so its more fun.
<< GameA1
Anonymous Reply
Just put two examples like you do on farming decks. One F2P/cheap and one expensive. Ninjas are listed as expensive which is true but this example deck isn't expensive at all really. I'm F2P and I can build this one no problem.
Any Suggestions ?
Is Mind Scan or Restart an Option?
<< Anonymous(Dahakker)
Anonymous Reply
Mind scan works here and it's better since you use 3 red ninja but I think you should get rid of one transformation art and add in storm to help clear your backrow because you will get clogged up and you destroy your opponents backrow as well.
<< Anonymous(Dahakker)
Anonymous Reply
Mind scan works here and it's better since you use 3 red ninja but I think you should get rid of one transformation art and add in storm to help clear your backrow because you will get clogged up and you destroy your opponents backrow as well.
<< Anonymous
Dahakker Reply
I am Farming for the lvl 40 Odion Card. I Think this card fits better than Storm. But thanks for your idea
<< Anonymous(Dahakker)
Dare devil Reply
Use mind scan skill..
Ninja Will change the meta ;)
<< Anonymous(Wolfyyn)
Anonymous Reply
no, i built a ninja deck is super fun,wins some random matches against meta decks,but still isnt that good,its more for fun
<< Anonymous(Wolfyyn)
Anonymous Reply
I hit KOG with mine in 4 days after the set dropped, ninjas are meta and highly underestimated.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I used Red Eyes and Phoenix deck to get KOG and I've never lost a single match against ninja decks. The deck is just not consistent and needs more support.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You are winning against Ninja decks because you are using the decks that counters them. Other than Phoenix and REBD combo, Ninja decks do really well against other decks.
looking for suggestions/help, im currently running

2 ninja grandmaster sasuke
2 b dragon ninja
2 r dragon ninja
1 senior silver ninja
2 flame armor ninja
2 white ninja
1 soul exchange
3 econ
2 transformations
1 curse of anubis
1 windstorm
1 duplication

also using restart as skill...
<< Anonymous(moriarty)
Anonymous Reply
Too much high level ninja. I would suggest using more flame armor and white ninja. Might also try turnabout maybe. It can combo well with white ninja reset him face down along with your opponent card and you can pop it the next turn. But yea its matter so personal preference I guess
<< Anonymous(moriarty)
Anonymous Reply
Could run balance with more soul ex or drop some high lvl ninja.
<< Anonymous(moriarty)
Anon Reply
Try this:
3 red armour ninja
2 sasuke
2 white ninja
1 duplication
3 transformation
1 each of senior silver, red dragon and black dragon
That leaves space for 6 staples or whatever you want to do. I like mirror wall, e con, wind storm. (Only cause I don't have super rush headlong)
Use a beat down Kaiba.
This should get you to if not past platinum
I don’t feel bad at all timing out ninja players. “Sit there and think about what you’ve done.” Cannot wait for the 3SD nerf!
<< Anonymous
LordKarasu Reply
Youre gonna get banned.
i play dis at plat super fun
<< Anonymous(cybertek3500)
Anonymous Reply
why not 2 dup instead of one (im talking about the normal ninja trap card from the new set) the old normal ninja trap from DoD is whack play with the new ninja traps and cards also get rid of crimson and armed ninja and add a 3rd red ninja and a 3rd flame ninja and add a 3rd econ or security orb
<< Anonymous(cybertek3500)
Anonymous Reply
why not 2 dup instead of one (im talking about the normal ninja trap card from the new set) the old normal ninja trap from DoD is whack play with the new ninja traps and cards also get rid of crimson and armed ninja and add a 3rd red ninja and a 3rd flame ninja and add a 3rd econ or security orb
good, but the defense is pretty low
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What is this 🔥.
Ninjutsu art fits perfectly in this deck, along with some defensive cards. Also, restart is better than mind scanz otherwise you will break a lot of times.
Use your brain before posting 🔥 like this, that wouldn't even work in silver
<< Anonymous
Razaelriezen Reply
I think minscan is used for the ninja so you don't waste their flip
I got up to Legend 2 using my Ninja deck. Its really good but it struggles against Red Eyes and Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys . Sadly thats all people are playing in Legend along with toons so i wouldn't recommend trying to get KOG with Ninja
<< Anonymous
Incognito Reply
How does your ninja deck look like?

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